POLL: What has been Arsene Wenger's best achievement at Arsenal?

By Graham McNorthbank

Tomorrow marks the 15th anniversary of Arsene Wenger arriving as manager at Arsenal Football Club and, of course, the infamous 'Arsene who?' headlines.

Quite simply, he has been the most successful manager in the 125 year history of the club and although we are experiencing a disappointing start to the current campaign, I wouldn't bet against him adding to the trophy haul before he vacates the hot seat.

In today's Sun newspaper Bob Wilson says Wenger will only be appreciated at Arsenal when he has gone. I'm sorry Bob, but I think he's very much appreciated already. Sure, there are a growing number of fans who think he's no longer the right man for the job, but they are in the minority - but it's only right that they are able to voice their concerns about the prospects for the current squad.

But which of Wenger's achievements at Arsenal has been his finest in your eyes?

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