Why Arsene Wenger has concerns over big summer signing

By Avenell Dave

Well I think we're all agreed that a point against Borussia Dortmund was a point gained in a tricky group against the German Champions.

Yes, it took a sensational and late late goal to steal our thunder and yes, we looked to have smashed and grabbed despite being under the cosh for large periods of the game.

But there was plenty to be pleased about.

Mikel Arteta adjuested well to his responsibility. Cesc Fabregas he is not, but he battles and he has an eye for a pass.

Per Mertesacker was robust, knew when to pass it and when to launch it forward, and it was a much improved performance compared to last weekend.

Yossi Benayoun grew as the game wore on, even though he was perhaps given an unfamiliar role which doesn't entirely suit his game.

Szcz put in a display that again underlined how good a goalkeeper he will be for us - something we've been saying here at Addict since hearing glowing reports of his ability when he was at Brentford, yes Brentford, a couple of seasons ago.

Bacary Sagna was immense and to be honest RvP did what he could to make a nuisance of himself even though the formation continues to frustrate. Took his goal well, mind you.

But for me, the most concerning performance of the night was from Gervinho.

The Ivorian has plenty of skill, there is no doub about it, and he gets himself into superb positions.

But why oh why doesn't the lad ever look up?

There were a couple of occasions where he had men free near him in much better positions and in games where things are tight, that is the difference between winning or not.

His record in France is impressive but now he's playing in a faster league, with faster and more competitive matches and he needs to realise that this is a team game and that he cannot sacrifice victory or possession by trying to do everything on his own.

I'm hoping he soon learns the folly of his performances (there have been so many similar incidences since he arrived) and that Le Boss has a quiet word with him.

While last night's performance wasn't always pretty and was terrible for the nerves, it was great to see the battling nature of the team.

It was gutsy in a way we haven't seen for a few years and that has to bode well, particularly as we try and ease our way back into form.

I don't care about those who say that it showed our new limitations (The Guardian) because taht fails to see the big picture, the absence of our key midfielder in Jack Wilshere and the fact that we're fighting for our lives to get back the consistency which was so dramatically undermined at Old Trafford.

Onwards and upwards but if we can add attacking flair to the defensive performance we put in last night, we'll go far my son.