Lacking passion, Samir? No, we are The Arsenal and we never surrender

By Avenell Dave
With everything conspiring against us and possibly the most challenging situation in Arsenals recent past, a victory last night was possibly the most crucial in the Club's history.

Lose and we can no longer compete with the big timers, no longer attract the big players and in light of a couple of high profile departures, boy do we need them.

With all those who think we should get rid of Arsene Wenger, its interesting to note that defeat last night would have put us out of the Champions League for the first time since Wenger took over.

Have we lost sight that being in the Champions League and competing for trophies is an honour, not a right?!

Even I have to admit I simply assume we'll get through and compete in the latter stages.

With so many injuries, departing players and rookies having to play, a win in Udinese should not be taken in isolation.

It now gives us the platform to go on and sign the one, two, three or even four players that are going to make us competitive in the Premier League and make this season great.

Did we learn anything last night?
Theo Walcott looks far better down the middle, Frimpong still needs to calm down a little despite his great potential and SZCZ has hopefully now proved to everyone that he is our number one and should be given the shirt that matches his status.

His save from the penalty at 1-1 changed the game and gave us the impetus to go on and win the match.

I shed a tear when we scored our second and hopefully this will give us the foundation and the belief to go on and build a team that can compete.

We need another striker, midfielder, defender and possibly one more player but whether they will arrive is another matter entirely.

The Samir Nasri transfer showed how long these things can take and you just have to hope that we have been in the midst of talks for a while.

Interesting that Nasri took the opportunity to snipe at our fans after completing his move to Citeh.

Yes, there have been a few too many moaning minnies of late, but if one thing could be gathered from his comments about disrespect on Twitter, its that fans are now slow to show their passion.

What does he know about how we were at Highbury?
The fact is, he has shown himself to be another mercenary footballer who took the money and that's up to him.

I wish him no good luck because I seem to remember that when Cesc was injured for long spells, he simply shrank rather than stood up to the challenge.

The draw for the league rounds of the Champions League is later this afternoon and who knows who we will get? There's bound to be someone with a personal connection.

For now we have to take a huge sigh of relief and look to strengthen enough to somehow get going in the League.

Whatever happens on Sunday, Arsenal are back. Be Proud, be very proud.