Has this summer's transfer window been a complete disaster?

By Avenell Dave

There's no doubt that the natives are getting restless.

Whether you go to every game home and away or just watch from afar, transfer windows -and this one in particular - can be completely frustrating.

I remember last summer when we all watched the clock turn midnight on August 31 with numbed silence, shocked that the signings we yearned to see had not materialised.

New parent duties mean I haven't been posting for a while but if I had, my posts would have been the same as everyone elses: "we've been linked with him - we rate him or don't, believe he's coming or isn't. Wish so and so would leave or be sold and wish the club would get tough and be decisive." Sounds so easy doesn't it?

Those of us fortunate enough to go to Emirates have become increasingly incensed at the lack of passion and commitment from so many players in the squad.

We pull our hair out at schoolboy errors and lapses in concentration and gifting of goals to the opposition.

We despair at the PR disaster which was the increase in season ticket prices at a time when the recession is getting harder to find funds and the club continue seemingly not to want to spend on making the team competitive.

Having watched some of this summer's games from afar I've found my faith in the club stretched.

Yes, we've had some injuries and yes we cannot control the fact that Cesc Fabregas is being tapped up every day but Barca.

There are things the club could have done, such as give Barcelona a very public deadline, say, August 1. After that, We could have got on with planning for a life with or without Cesc.

As far as Samir Nasri is concerned, I doubt that there are many of us who want to see him in an Arsenal shirt again.

He's had moments of brilliance but they've been few and far betweek and I defy anyone to try and convince me that he has had a single full season of consistency. When Cesc was injured towards the end of last season, instead of stepping up, Nasri faded away and failed to grasp the opportunity to lead.

With only a year to go, I really don't care if we get a replacement in for him or not, he has to leave, especially if the club have been offered anything like the £20m Man Citeh are alleged to have offered. 

But as far as the rest goes, the truth is, we don't really know what is going on.

The Daily Star have access to Peter hill-Wood but no one has a hitline to Arsene Wenger or Ivan Gazidis and it's those two who will do our business if there is more to do.

Have we come close to signing the central defender we need? Have the club baulked at the ridiculous prices being asked for Samba, Jagielka and Cahill?

We may never know and while I think Per Mertesacker, German international, very tall, experienced and less than £10m at only 26/27 would be perfect, we have to hope that the right player will sign for us before it's too late.

We also need another striker, although the inclusion of Lansbury, Miyaichi and Oxlade-Chamberlain (who has had rave reviews) may hint at a future in the centre for Theo Walcott.

Let's be honest, he has an eye for goal and pace but he has never had the trickery to beat players in the way a winger really should.

If we get to the start of September with no more new faces, in particular in defence, I will be more than pissed off. I will feel betrayed at the lack of foresight by the club, whoever is to blame, that the right players have not acquired when it's plain for all to see where we need strengthening.

But until then, I'm going to remain calm.

We have a few huge games ahead of us and everyone would have liked our business to have been completed earlier than it has been, but football and the business of football doesn't work that way.