When men become Gods - stop worrying about transfers, Arsenal fans!

By Avenell Dave

Here at Addict we haven't posted for a while but that doesn't mean we're not thinking about Arsenal.

There is so much speculation, conjecture and rumour that it's impossible to know what is going on.

Every name we have been linked with from Alvarez to Barton, from Jones to Hazard, provokes a wave of opinions that suggest the club cannot win whoever we decide to buy in the summer.

Too many Addicts want to see us spend Man Citeh sized amounts on half a new team, all of them superstars.

The fact is, most of our most successful players weren't superstars when they joined us (Dennis Bergkamp and Ian Wright are two notable exceptions) and while we all accept that the team AND the squad need improving if we are to win the title or the bigger prizes next season, we have to be patient.

Yes, I agree, it will drive us mad if we have to wait until 11.59 on August 31 before we find out who the new signings are going to be and they need to be integrated before then.

Yes, if Gael Clichy and one of Cesc Fabregas or Samir Nasri plus Nick Bendtner leave, we need quality replacements and then some.

But just because M*nure and Liverpool have done some big business (and I would argue not necessarily good value for money) already, people are getting impatient.

I'd like to see some new faces before the end of July for sure but I'm not going to cry if they don't all come.

The club knows the natives are getting restless but the worst thing for the team and the manager before the season has even begun is for us all to have a sense of disillusionment before a ball has been kicked in anger.

It's Arsenal's 125th anniversary this year and there's a new video that is well worth watching - the second part will be out next week.

We are Arsenal - we should be proud of being one of the greatest clubs in the world.

Form is temporary, class is permanent.