What would YOU ask a legendary Arsenal defender about our season?

By Avenell Dave

I think it's fair to say that we're all glad that the season is over and we can take a step back after the ups and downs, particularly over the past few months.

We all have our views - some people are still saying to me that we should have or still should buy Mark Schwarzer. For my money he was over priced last summer and he has not exactly had a storming season.

We've always had the ability to ship careless goals rather than make teams work hard for them - the defence is vulnerable at set pieces and that MUSt be addressed if we are to improve next season.

We've had the second worst season udner Arsene Wenger but we still finished fourth.

Did anyone really think we'd win all four trophies? Not me. And the Carling Cup seems to have been as big a curse to Birminscum as it was to us.

But while there are likely to be a few players coming in and out during the summer (and we could all name half a dozen players we would like to see moved on), there are so many issues that need to be resolved before the new season starts in July.

We've all got our answers, which is why football is such a game of opinions.

But here at Arsenal Addict, we've been offered the opportunity to let you, our readers, ask one of the legendary back five what he thinks about the season gone and the season ahead.

Courtesy of I AM SCOUT, you have the chance to ask Lee Dixon, the right back who won no end of trophies during his illustrious career.

We can't guarantee every question will be answered but we'll send through the best ones and post the responses in due course.

So use the comments section below to send through your question - and keep it clean please!

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