Arsenal fans ought to be ashamed of themselves - call yourselves supporters?!

By Avenell Dave

I'm numb, I'm angry, I'm frustrated.

I am an Arsenal fan and just like every other fan, every employee at the club, every coach and player, I'm hurting.

There is something seriously wrong with the team because they seem not to be able to rouse themselves for every game with the same degree of application.

How can a side that beats M*nure a couple of weeks ago - and perhaps has a problem playing lesser sides away from home - then make such basic errors that result in letting in two goals within the first 15 minutes of the match against an Aston Villa side with an appalling away record who fought against the drop this season.

There is plenty that is wrong at the moment.

There are not enough leaders; some players are exhausted, there is anxiety about big names leaving and speculation about others who may or may not be on their way.

We can all discuss what has gone wrong and how we turn things around this summer.

I cannot wait for the season to end and see what goes on during the summer.

Cut price and last minute signings must be replaced by world class quality if we are to even have a chance of winning a trophy next season.

But we're fans of a club, not consumers and we have no absolute right to win trophies, whether we spend or not; whether the season tickets cost us £150 or £1500. Football is not Championship Manager.

Just look at how much other clubs invest and what it brings them. Real Madrid, in a far less competitive league, have Ronaldo and Kaka, Benzema, Alonso and a host of others and yet still struggle to win the title or get to the latter stages of the Champions League, year after year.

Over here, while M*nure are talked about with misty eyes by the media and pundits, little is said with quite the level of criticism that we endure about Liverpool.

The same Liverpool who haven't won a trophy for five years and not won the league for 21 seasons now.

Yes, there is plenty for Arsene Wenger to do and he needs to bring in some fresh ideas himself even if the blame placed on Pat Rice is neither fair nor justified.

The manager and the players need to take a good hard look at themselves to make sure that while this season has not been a complete disaster, the last few months since the Carling Cup final have withered away in a manner unbefitting of an Arsenal side.

But while we can discuss and analyse what is right and wrong at the club and who should stay or go or come in, the fact remains that for 90+ minutes on match day, I was ashamed yesterday of how some fans behaved.

What good does it do to boo players who are human, who can be affected by the criticism while they're trying to represent us?

What good does it do to leave the ground early or spend the entire game getting on the backs of the very people who we want to succeed?

Yes, blogs and Twitter are the place for reasoned, intelligent discussion.

But surprisingly, around me, so many of the fans found themselves telling the moaners to do one down the Seven Sisters Road.

"If you think this lot is bad, you never saw Jeff Blockley!" said my neighbour to one moaner and he's right.

We have a big stadium, we had success in the early Wenger years and too many fans now think it's our divine right.

I want to see the club do well and win things as much as anyone. I eat, breathe and sleep Arsenal.

But to moan and boo while the game is going on? Shameful. That is not support, it's glory hunting.

And most of those fans stay quiet when the team needs cheering and urging on. Ridiculous. 

The Black Scarf Muppets - all 200 of them (about as many as went to Greggs before the game -whohoo!) should put their energies into positive communication.

We have had far far far worse eras than this and those of you wanting Wenger out or the board to leave, be careful what you wish for.