To protest or not to protest - there simply is NO option

By Avenell Dave

This Sunday is the last home game of the season at Arsenal.

It's going to be a sunny day and could be one step closer towards third place (at least) which we must secure to avoid having to qualify for the Champions League.

Will there be a afrewell to the fans from the team after the game? I expect so?

Will many fans stay around to cheer their heroes?

Well as far as I'm concerned, anyone who turns up to protest on Sunday is doing the club and the playesr a disservice.

Yes, we can lament not winning any silverware this season.

Yes, we can complain that we have seen the same problems coming.

Yes we can be frustrated at the fact that ticket prices are going up this year.

Is it so wrong that Arsenal want to be self sufficient rather than leveraging debt or artifical cash injections from billionaires who want a plaything for a few years?

The fact is, we don't know what Tom Fox and Ivan Gazidis are doing behind the scenes but that doesn't mean that they're not doing a good job. Commercial deals for a club like Arsenal take time.

We don't yet know exactly what Stan Kroenke will do with the club but based on his other sports interests, has he ever done anything to damage the long term stability or prosperity of the clubs? No.

The fact remains that everyone involved with Arsenal is hurting, from the board to the manager and players and backroom staff to all the fans around the world.

We all want the same thing: to see Arsenal dominating English and European football and playing with flair, endeavour and determination.

That we are not moving forward at the pace at which we would all like is a huge shame and the kind of thing that keeps me and many other Addicts awake at night.

But the black scarf protest that is planned for Sunday is not going to do any good.

The fans have made their concerns known, either through AST or other initiatives and the club must be aware of them.

But is it right that we use a protest walk as an opportunity to complain, falling straight into the hands of the media who love to witness dissent and anger?

Apart from anything else, it gives licence to trouble makers either from within our ranks or beyond to start misbehaving and turning the protest into something it should never be - a riot.

With a Q&A meeting coming up with Ivan Gazidis in the next few weeks and shareholder meetings also planned, wouldn't that be a better way to articulate any concerns?

Shouldn't we get behind the team, the manager and the club and remind them that this is the club that we love, that means so much to us and that we will support Arsenal evermore?

I for one will be cheering on Sunday and if there are any black scarf wearers around me trying to cause disruption, I have a feeling the majority of my right-minded spectator-neighbours will soon tell them to shut up.

Arsenal Forever

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