Chelsea throw Arsenal lifeline, but are Gunners capable of taking advantage?

By Graham McNorthbank

Man United's defeat at Chelsea last night has breathed some life back into our rollercoaster week and without wishing to sound too clichéd, makes this weekend's Sunderland game the biggest of the season.

Before then, however, we have the little matter of the FA Cup replay against Leyton Orient this evening, which some will also claim is the big one.

But if this Arsenal team are ever going to get back to winning trophies, then surely they have to understand that EVERY game is the most important.

Now that may be too difficult to comprehend for some - and I don't expect perfection - but our big victories this season mean absolutely nothing when you look at the points we've dropped and, of course, THAT game at Wembley.

A non Gooner mate of mine commented that the difference between the current Arsenal team and the great teams of the past is that when we beat Barca, we celebrated as if we'd won the tournament. The Invincibles would have expected to win, was his argument.

That may be slightly harsh, but I take his point.

As Arsene Wenger often says, let's judge this team at the end of the season, after all we're still involved in three competitions. But each and every player should be busting a gut in each and every game to help us bring some silverware to the Emirates Stadium because any less effort will result in yet another barren campaign.

And should that be the case, then I hope that Le Boss and the board have the honesty to fess up to our shortcomings, because while we may be a model of financial stability, a massive squad populated by vastly overpaid teenagers - most of whom are never going to be good enough to make the 1st team - has made our wages bill extraordinarily large and deprived us paying fans of seeing proven world class players bought in to help us become winners.