Big Jens is a reminder of the shortcomings of this Arsenal squad

By Avenell Dave

Ok, so opinion is divided.

Some people think signing Jens Lehmann is a crazy idea, others that he is just the sort of squad member we require.

I'm definitely in the latter category.

Yes, he is mad - and I was speaking to a German colleague of mine only yesterday who said his crazy reutation is as prevalent in Germany as it is over here.

But he has that winners mentality, the take-no-prisoners attitude that so many of this current squad lack.

Of course, the chances of him playing are minimal even though a part of me has a sneaky feeling he may get a couple of high profile games and have a blinder, because our goalkeeping curse could strike again.

That's why I don't get it when people say it's an embarrassment that we're signing him. It's hardly usual to expect the top two goalkeepers at the club to get injured at the same time and who knows what might happen with Manuel Almunia, who has already been injured this season!?

Nevertheless, it got me thinking about the bigger picture.

Yes, we're stuck with this squad and we have to hope that Arsene Wenger makes some adjustments in the summer, whatever happens to our title dreams this season.

But Lehmann is a reminder of what it meant to have world class players at the club, and we have too few of them at present.

Cesc Fabregas and RvP are the two truly consistent (when fit) world class players.

Theo Walcott does it in patches; Jack Wilshere will join that group soon if he continues to thrive and develop as he has done; and Andrey Arshavin would be the world's greatest wide player if he had a bit more application and was fitter.

But have a think, while we hope this team flatters to deceive and wins their first trophy in years, the best that Wenger has had to manage, whether inherited or bought, would not include too many of the current squad.

That is what Wenger needs to look at if he is to make us a truly competitive side, one that doesn't go to Old Trafford hoping to fluke a win or taste defeat once again.

Whether he plays or not, Lehmann must instill that steely determination and refusal to accept defeat into some of the players who have yet to step up and show their world class potential, and to at least make the dead wood perform to the maximum of what they have.

Have a think - who would be in your all-time Wenger 25 squad?

Addict all-time Wenger Arsenal squad

GK: Seaman, Lehmann, Szczesny

DEF: Dixon, Winterburn, Lauren, Cole, Adams, Bould, Campbell, Toure, Vermaelen

MID: Overmars, Pires, Ljungberg, Nasri, Fabregas, Gilberto, Vieira, Petit

ATT: Bergkamp, Wright, RvP, Henry, Anelka