'Witch Hunt' could be the making of Cesc and Arsenal's season

By Avenell Dave

A friend texted me after the Everton game on Tuesday. He'd been at another game and yet already the news had filtered through about the David Moyes quotes after our victory.

'More Cesc controversy tonight? He was outrageous against Huddersfield. Is he a nasty bastard or just immature?'

It's incredible how easily fans are taken in by managers spouting off in the heat of the moment or by the media looking for anything to create some controversy.

Cesc Fabregas has been at Arsenal since he was a boy and has grown into one of the world's best players by learning to do things the Arsenal way, the right way.

For all the talk of beautiful football, for all the talk of doing things right, it's only when Arsenal start realising that we have to give as good as we get that the tide begins to turn.

Remember 1998? The team played some decent football but the bite wasn't there.

We lost 3-1 at home to Blackburn and Ian Wright Wright Wright ended up arguing with the fans from the dressing room window.

But then something changed. We decided we weren't going to be bullied, we decided that we would try and play fast, dynamic football but even if we couldn't, we would battle fairly but resolutely to win every game that we played.

We had our fair share of red cards that season and for the next few seasons, but we won trophies and we gained thousands of new fans and admirers.

There have been doubts over Cesc's commitment to the Arsenal cuase this season because of his indifferent form. He was atrocious against Ipswich away for instance and most Addicts have started to wonder whether he will be at the club next season.

Will winning a trophy or two this year make him want to stay or leave and return to Barca on a high? Who knows?

What I do know is that he is turning into the leader that fans and players alike want and need him to be.

Arsene Wenger spoke today of a 'witch hunt' against Cesc and there may be some truth in that.

Certainly English players don't get the same criticism that he does, but having lived abroad, I've seen it happen to foreigners wherever they play, so it's not just a disease of the English media.

We are a better team than last season.

Gone is the disruption caused by William Gallas (who never spoke to Samir Nasri amongst others), the indifference of goalkeeper Manuel Almunia and an improvement in players such as Theo Walcott who are giving us something different to our game.

So, while the tedium of Cesc-bashing gets me wound up on some levels, let's ALL find strength in the face of adversity and prove the critics and rivals up and down the country that we are The Arsenal. 

And that means we play hard, we play with style and we play to win.