Barca needs to be taught a lesson on so many levels

By Avenell Dave

I don't for one minute doubt that Barcelona are a joy to watrch and the outstanding team of the era.

It's hard to find any weaknesses in their first team, which should in all honesty beat most sides that they face with ease.

Their record this season speaks for itself, even if the Spanish league isn't as great or as competitive as some people would have you believe.

The recent interview with Xavi once again underlines the belief some of their players have that once a Barca player, always a Barca player.

Gerard Pique is a perfect example of one who went to a massive club and came back to his spiritual home.

I can understand it, I really can - but the fact is, Cesc Fabregas is our captain, our talisman and without doubt the most important player in the team. 

No doubt this summer, whatever they say now, will prove to be another interminable period of speculation about Cesc's future, hearsay, quotes from players who can't be brought into disrepute in the way clubs can be punished for tapping others up and the truth is that there is little we can do about it.

Who knows what Cesc will want to do in the summer? Maybe the improvement in the squad this season will reassure him that he is at the right club, maybe Barca will try and be financially sound and not overspend as they did before, resulting in selling a player at a massive loss just to pay their debts (and then, shock horror, taking paid-for advertising).

Le Grove has instigated a campaign to remind the Spaniards that we love our captain and however much they disrespect us, we want to keep him.

So all the blogs are getting together to encourage all fans to change the usual Cesc chant to 'Hands off Cesc Fabregas' - and with the entire world watching the game, we'll get our message through loud and clear.

It's easy to take nights like this for granted, but for those of you old enough to remember the days before Geogre Graham, we should treat every magical occasion such as this as if it is our last.

You never know when the era of consistent Champions League success is going to end.

What I do know though, is that it's a damn sight easier to stay in the top echelon of European football with Cesc in our side.