Why Arsenal are 'more than just a club'

By Avenell Dave

Barcelona claims to me more than just a club.

Maybe they are, given that they satnd for Catalan identity.

But with the 125th anniversary celebrations in full flow this weekend, I'm just so proud to be an Arsenal fan.

The inveiling of the three statues this afternoon underlined the history and magic that goes with being associated with Arsenal.

There are only a couple of teams (clue - north west and wear red) who can claim to share our sense of history and continued success and competitiveness at the top level and the way we face adversity is something that we deserve great credit for.

Some journalists were claiming yesterday that Arsenal fans turned on Arsene Wenger when the chips were down and to be fair, there was a tiny vocal minority who showed they cannot handle the pressure.

Those fans deserve no association with our great club.

Wenger spoke today about the visionary role Herbert Chapman played in our club and it's true that he was forward thinking and innnovative.

But so too has Wenger been a leading light and I am sure we'll see a statue of him when his managerial reign comes to an end.

Tony Adams represents the dogged determination and triumph that Arsenal satnds for. As Wenger said, he ahd his ups and downs both on and off the field but he won four titles with us and that's something to be proud of.

The fact that Thierry Henry was in tears when he was addressing fans after his iconic statue was unveiled and seeing how he has been immortalised says it all.

Here is a Frenchman who played for four clubs but became a legend with us and like so many others before and after him, his affection is based not only on the way the fans have treated him but on how well the Club have conducted themselves.

We do everything with dignity. We set standards and that's something we should always be proud of, whatever happens on the field.

You can see the photos here: http://www.arsenal.com/news/news-archive/arsenal-statues-picture-special

Lest we not forget that we have a game against Everton on Saturday as well and three points is vital as everyone else above us continues to win.

It will be an interesting day for Mikel Arteta, facing his former team but I don't expect taht to faze him.

The only real doubt is who will play at left back after Andre Santos was injured in midweek.

I don't want to see Vermaelen move to left back despite what Wenger said this afternoon so hopefully Ignasi Miquel will play there allowing the Verminator to stalk forward unmarked as he has done in the last couple of Premier League games.

If Koscielny plays at right back, we'll have two centre backs, two FINE centre backs, out wide and that can't be good.

We should win on Saturday, of course, but then again we should have beaten Fulham so full concentration is needed.

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