Wenger must stamp out Arsenal's spectre of complacency

By Avenell Dave

The sad thing about yesterday's game is that it was so predictable.

All around me, we knew that by carving out chances and failing to take them, we would almost inevitably fall victim to a sucker punch from the visitors and so it proved.

Let's be honest, as an attacking threat, Wolves were diabolical but then they came to get a point and a point they got.

We can moan about how dreadful the referee was but as @TheGoonerholic said, amongst others, on Twitter yesterday, the standard of refereeing in the Premier League does not live up to the so-called 'best league in the world' adage that people are so quick to spout.

Wolves may have infutiated us with their time-wasting, their rolling around and Stephen Hunt, who I ams ure has a silent 'C' at the start of his name, but football comes in many forms and it was up to us to overcome that.

The problems arose when, at 1-0 up after Gervinho's great effort, we thought we had the game won already, just as we have in the past.

Instead of putting the game beyond doubt, we started doing backheels and flicks and taking our foot off the gas and that let Wolves back into the game.

Yet again I hear people blaming Per Mertesacker for conceding the corner that led to their goal, but the fact was we were sloppy and got what we deserved for not defending the second ball which Hunt steered somewhat fortuitously into the path of Fletcher.

There were chances and RvP may have taken one of the openings that came his way fist time rather than try and control it and let the opposition get back to intercept, but anyone who thinks he was preoccupied with the goalscoring record really doesn't get it.

Yes, Wayne Hennessey had a great game and deserves some credit, but if we had taken one of the subsequent opportunities after the goal, Wolves would have had to really come out and that would have given us the space to exploit even more.

As it is, we're no worse off than before the game, with the Ch*vs and Liverpool drawing as well but it was a great opportunity to gain some ground and an opportunity we missed.

Arsene Wenger must know that we need another forward and even some trickery (Goetze?) but we'll have to wait and see. I'm not holding my breath that anything will happen until the end of the window but we all know who needs to leave and what we need to bring in.

What Wenger can do with the current crop is to remind them that we simply cannot take wins for granted.

I read thanks to @Orbinho yesterday that we've only one four out of the last 15 home games by more than a single goal and scored 19 in that time, which is simply not enough.

Wenger is right - we blew a big chance.

It's up to him now to remind and motivate the team that no more such slip-ups can be permitted if we're to get into the top four by the end of the season.