Does Arshavin have an Arsenal future?

By Avenell Dave

It must be frustrating for Andrey Arshavin.

Brought in as a record signing and playing a massive role in helping us to qualify for the Champions League three seasons ago, he looked like a mercurial player capable of helping us to great heights.

But since then, his form has been patchy and this calendar year he has started only a handful of games for the Gunners.

You get the feeling that Arsene Wenger doesn't trust him too much and certainly his workrate doesn't comply with the formation we tend to play.

After another indifferent performance on Saturday, so many fans I met after the game or read on Twitter said that we must sell him and to be honest, I can see why.

Of course, it's unfair to completely judge a player on his first start ina  fair few weeks and expect them to come in at their optimum level. That's nigh-on impossible.

But certainly, with his wages being so high and his impact so low, maybe it would be best for all parties, with his contract winding down, if we sold him and invested the funds in a new forward.

He can't be too happy either given that the UEFE Euro2012 championships are just a few months away and he isn't getting the games to ensure he can help Russia go far in a tournament that's taking place on their doorstep.

That said, can we really be too infuriated with a point on Saturday?

Again, if you read the tweets as I did, from so-called fans, you can see how fickle football really is.

You'd have thought we'd been on a run of ten games without a win, not unbeaten, given some of the comments.

The sense of disappointment, aggravated no doubt by T*tt*nh*m winning at WBA, was palpable but in truth, we are victims of our own success.

We put everything into Wednesday's match against Dortmund and those saying that a home draw against Fulham underlines our need for squad strengthening are, I'm afraid, misguided.

Of course we can always find ways of strengthening the squad.

If money was no object we could sign a versatile defender who can play centrally and on the flanks; another creative midfielder and a ball winner (Frimpong and Coquelin notwithstanding); and another striker - in fact, two, a fox in the box and an Alan Smith-style retainer of possession who is also great in the box.

But football doesn't work that way unless you're Citeh and actually, if we had taken one of our fine chances in the first half, Fulham would have had to push forward which would have suited us on the counter-attack.

Many criticised Aaron Ramsey, but he was excellent for 55 minutes until his fitness finally betrayed him.

Others wondered why Arsene Wenger didn't change more of his first team personnel and I agree with that - but perhaps he felt that too many changes could have disrupted the flow and rhythm of the team.

I must say I would have liked to have seen Yossi Benayoun start (perhaps in place of Arshavin but hindsight is a wonderful thing.

I groaned when I saw that Mike Dean was the ref, even more so when Is aw we haven't won in ten with him officiating.

Curious that it was the first time since 2005 that we've had no Frenchmen in the team - I wonder what Wenger will make of that?!

Anyway, we're in fine form, we are looking good and the occasional home draw is no disaster at this stage - just as M*nure.