Would a draw would be a great result at the Bridge on Saturday?

By Avenell Dave

How things have changed.

As a fellow Addict said to me a few weeks ago, he goes into the big games hoping we don't lose heavily, not thinking that we have a chance of winning anymore.

Arsene Wenger was right when he said yesterday at the AGM that there's been a lot of frustration around the club and that we need to be more positive.

The fact is, we've suffered a few too many really heavy defeats to rivals over the years, none less than the 8-2 at OT in August.

It's time to look forward, not back.

Where once coaches used to wonder how they would cope with us or break us down, now the air of fragility has taken over and teams don't fear us anymore.

But we can regain that aura if we continue to go on as good a run as the one we currently enjoy, and getting something at Ch*vski would go a long way to replenishing the fragile confidence both fans and players seem to have.

The Ch*vs started the season well but losing to QPR last weekend hasn't done them a lot of favours.

But where we can look to Maraoune Chamakh and Park when a leading striker is missing, the absence of Didier Drogba means they can simply slot in £50m Fernando Torres or Nicolas Anelka into the side. It puts our squad strength into real perspective.

Even in losing last week, the Ch*vs were on fire and could have had a hatful and even with our recent results, I think it's fair to say that our defence is some way off that of, say the 1990/91 side who hardly let in a goal.

But if we go into any game thinking we cannot win, there is no point turning up, so says Wenger, and he's right.

Think back to the 1994 Cup Winners Cup final against Parma, a side packed with stars and expected to beat our team with the likes of Ian Selley and David Hillier with ease. Somehow we won.

A win or even a point at Stamford Bridge would go a long way towards restoring our faith but whatever happens, competing for every ball and giving a good account of ourselves is vital.

Everyone needs to be on their game - and that includes Theo Walcott who may find the opportunity to play away from dissenting home fans gives him the confidence to make a difference - and he has a fair record of scoring against the Ch*vs.

When their chairman says he wants his team to 'beat the crap out of Arsenal' after they failed to get permission to buy their awful hole of a ground, that should tell us everything we need to know about the Johnny-come-latelys.

The Shareholders meetin yesterday may have been a disappointment but if one thing is absolutely clear - Arsene Wenger is a classy man and lesser men would have walked away after the problems we have had.

Let's remind the Ch*vs what history means and send out another reminder that we are the Kings of London...

Addict XI


Koscielny Mertesacker Vermaelen Santos

Song Ramsey Arteta

Walcott RvP Gervinho

What do you think? Who should start against Chavski?