Today will change NOTHING - Form is temporary, class is permanent

By Avenell Dave

It's fair to say that the world and his wife expects Arsenal to record their fourth successive defeat this afternoon at Sh*te H*rt L*ne.

After a promising start including a pummelling of Liverpool, keeping hold of Modric and seeing us splutter, T*ttenh*m think they have a chance of finally ending a run of 15 years finishing below us in the top flight.

Maybe this season they will, maybe they won't but the fact is, they have a long long way to go to usurp us as the biggest team in the south of England.

Were you born before 1961? In which, poor unfortunate soul, you may recall the last time T*ttenh*m won the title -when TV was still in black and white, the Cold War was in full flow and no one had heard of the Beatles.

The fact is that with the departures we have had this summer, the new faces needing time to come in and get used to the team and to English football, of course it will take time to gel and we don't have much of that.

Lose and the world will tell you that the balance of power has shifted, that T*ttenh*m are now the biggest team in N London and that Arsenal are a busted flush.

"Wenger out!" will be the media call and that of some fans with short memories.

Of course it's possible that we could lose today even though statistics suggest that T*ttenh*m are way behind us in the head-to-head and even H*rry Redkrapp has only beaten Le Boss three times in his life.

I have a feeling, as do many Addicts I know, that Adebaywhore will score against us and the prospect of keeping a clean sheet isn't too positive.

But we are Arsenal, we thrive in adversity, tend to turn up for the big games (even though this is a Cup final for T*ttenh*m and just another North London derby for us) and while the return of some key players cannot happen soon enough, I do believe we will get something from the game.

Would I take a draw now? Hell no!

The Arsenal philosophy theseddays is to try to win and that's something we should always try and do.

RvP will need to be at his best and the team will need to remain very disciplined in order to keep all XI on the pitch - Mike Dean is the ref and we've lost the last eight games that weasel has officiated.

Remember that win lose or draw some things tomorrow are guaranteed.

Arsenal and T*ttenh*m fans will bicker and boast and proclaim bragging rights.

And Arsenal will still be the biggest club in the South of England. Don't believe me? Look at the trophy cabinet, lads and ladettes and remember, we are THE ARSENAL!

Addict XI


Sagna Mertesacker Song Gibbs

Frimpong Arteta Ramsey

Oxlade-Chamberlain RvP Benayoun

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