Fernando can do it so can you Cesc!

By Avenell Dave

With the club up for sale, hunting bargains and a new manager who despite his clear qualities was chosen for getting Fulham to the Europa Cup final, not for his league form, it's something of a surprise that Fernando Torres has decided to stay with Liverpool.
Already a big name when he arrived from Athletico Madrid, Torres has shown himself to be one of the top strikers in the world when fit.
Without the lure of Champions League football and with a World Cup winner's medal around his neck, you could forgive him for letting speculation mount this summer.
Perhaps no one but Citeh could match Liverpool's asking price and the way that club is run, it would be nothing more than a step sideways apart from in his pocket.
Of course the situation with Cesc is different.
Athletico are not the ones knocking on Torres door and they're not Spanish champions. Again.
Cesc is back in London today and the speculation surrounding him has not abated.
Whether it's Iniesta on the official Barca TV station, former presidents, or even his grandmother in tears, the emotional blackmail is dragging this situation out as so many others we have encountered in the past.
So what will Cesc do?
My guess is that he will keep quiet and hope the clubs can somehow thrash out an agreement without him alienating the Arsenal fans.
Maybe Arsenal won't even countenance a meeting - maybe they will - just to bring the situation to an end.

What the club should do of course is make it clear to Cesc this morning in a private meeting that as captain, he has a responsibility to the club.
No one forced him to sign a long term lucrative contract but he did, safe in the knowledge that he would be financially secure and still at his peak when it ended.
Cesc has to come out and pledge his allegiance to Arsenal today or this week at least and anything else will be totally unsatisfactory.
The club can't threaten not to play him because of his status and importance.
But just as we play hardball with Barca, so Cesc must show his hand so we can all move on.
Gourcuff or Ozil anyone?