Wenger gives Spanish a lesson in the meaning of honour

By Avenell Dave

I guess we couldn't wait too long before the latest rantings from Spain as far as Cesc Fabregas is concerned.

Former Barcelona President Joan Gaspart has now come out suggesting that Arsene Wenger wanted to join them nine years ago.
Tellingly, he suggests that chairman Peter Hill-Wood blocked the move, which Wenger wanted; and that the same thing happened at Roma with Fabio Capello.
There's a few things that need clarifying here, apart from the obvious desperation on the part of Gaspart to try and make himself the hero by imparting his perceived 'wisdom'.
Firstly, as someone who has lived in Italy, another European football powerhouse and latin Mediterranean country, it's important to understand how things work from a sporting point of view.
We saw last season the backlash Eduardo got when he was accused of diving against Celtic.
We know full well that the clamour wouldn't have been the same for an English player, just as we've seenover the years with Shrek Rooney and Michael Owen.
In places such as Italy and Spain, it's multiplied a thousand fold - the hysterical ranting and raving from club Presidents and coaches; the institutionalised racism; the wild claims that fill the sports dailies but bear little resemblance to reality.
We really do have to take it with a pinch of salt.
When Wenger signed for Arsenal from Grampus 8 he demanded to fulfil his contract and he has never broken one before or since.
Le Boss may be a little cute with his opinions when it comes to criticising his players in public but you'll never see him lie.
Even the refusal to deny interest in Per Mertesacker underlines his willingness to balance honesty with respect.
Did Wenger ever want to leave Arsenal?
I'm sure that there have been times of frustration but unless his contract was up for renewal that season - and I cannot recall - there is no way he would have even countenanced an offer.
He had the best striker in the world, a host of top class players who were good enough to go on and do the Double the next season.
Of course, we haven't heard the end of the Cesc transfer story and Wenger's comments that his captain should come out and make a statement make absolute sense.
At the moment it's like being at a pub with your long term girlfriend who keeps smiling at the bloke in the corner who was the first guy she dated.
In some respects, Arsenal cannot win - keep the captain and it will feel temporary whatever he comes out and says. Sell him and we're just a small club from North London that let's the big boys step all over us.
 If only Cesc had the same attitude to contracts as his manager, life would be so much easier.