Fantasy Arsene Wenger - don't listen to Redknapp

By Avenell Dave

There are many things that get me irritated in life.

British weather; litter; Z-list celebrities; T*tt*nh*m; and idiot football 'experts'.

The beauty of football is that we all have a different opinion and healthy, respectful and intelligent banter is fair enough.

But television coverage seems to have thrown up its fair share of imbeciles that make me want to switch off.

Alan Hansen is usually pretty smart with his views even if his thoughts on Theo Walcott last week were a little harsh.

But Richard 'wolfman' Keys, Andy Gray, Mark Bright, Andy Townsend and G-G-Garth Crooks all wind me up.

None of them have anything useful to say and so often seem to take a line that goes against the Arsenal.

We may play beautiful football but these buffoons seem to think it right to lambast us if we suffer through good old English thuggery.

But for me, king of the idiots is Jamie R*dkn*pp, who talks as if he has won a barrel load of trophies and represented England for a decade.

He wasn't a bad player, but was more injury prone than Tomas Rosicky and his pathetically uninformed view that Arsenal traditionally struggle at Ewood Park is further proof of the laziness of so called 'experts'.

We've won at Blackburn eight out of the past 15 Premier League games we've played there with three draws and while no side managed by Fat Sam can be taken lightly, the fact is we have more than enough about us to take three points tomorrow and make it a decent start to the season before another pointless international break.

Last season's lamentable debacle at Ewood Park came when heads had already dropped and the season was effectively over.

It also occurred without Cesc Fabregas, Rosicky, William G*ll*s, Manuel Almunia (!), Thomas Vermaelen, Alex Song and Gael Clichy.

All those (except G*ll*s of course) will be available tomorrow and I fully expect us to come away with three points.

Of course, it will be far different to last week where we were invited to attack for 90 minutes with no risk of threat to our own goal.

We'll again suffer an aerial bombardment, making Arsene Wenger's cute and well timed comments about Rovers' rugby tactics a move designed to offer his defence fair protection from unlawful physical assault.

Chances will be at a premium and the power of Vermaelen and Chamakh at set pieces could prove vital.

We have to show we can compete. We also have to show we can stand up to the overly physical nature of Blackburn's play.

The fact is, Theo Walcott, Vermaelen and others have shown they want to fight - hell even diminutive Jack Wilshere gets stuck in.

We have to stick one to all those idiot pundits who say we don't like it up us and send a message to our title rivals that we really do mean business this season.

Addict XI

Sagna Koscielny Vermaelen Clichy
Walcott Rosicky Arshavin