Shut your face Barca – now it’s WAR!

By Avenell Dave

Even throughout the shananigans that have been going on in recent months, I’ve not let my frustration and anger for Barcelona spill over to coach Pep Guardiola.

He’s always had my respect and conducts himself with the honour that one would hope for from a player of his quality.

But that has gone out of the window today.

I accept that he may well have been asked questions that he was not otherwise coached to answer more diplomatically, but surely if he wanted to, simply saying “this is a matter for the boards and not something I want to comment on” would suffice.

He did say that, of course, but not until he’d stirred it up again by putting the onus on Arsenal and to be honest, I’m getting fed up with it.

Le Boss said at the weekend that Cesc is not for sale, adding to the club statement a while back.

How many more ways or more ‘Cesc is staying at Arsenal’ comments do we have to make before they start listening and understand that they cannot have everything their own way.

Give us £80m and a couple of young players of our choice and maybe we can do business, but, oh, you’re skint, so you’ll have to do without I’m afraid.

This of course comes on the back of Carlos ‘soft rock Cyrano de Bergerac’ Puyol saying how Cesc told him for the last six weeks during the World Cup that he wants to sign for Barca.

Arsenal have got to make a stand here – and one to suit us, not Barca.

I sincerely hope Arsene Wenger says during his next contract negotiations that his decision to stay at the club depends on Cesc staying, unless our captain puts in a transfer request, which changes everything.

That would weaken our position considerably but it would also mean he doesn’t get all the signing on fees due to him and would make his departure even less harmonious than it might end up being if he goes this summer.

We need to keep Cesc not for one more season before letting him go next summer – which may provoke an Adebay-whore situation where his head is not in the right place and we don’t get full value from him on the field.

He is signed for a good few years yet – Arsenal need to hold him to that until we decide otherwise.

Did moving to Emirates mean anything to Arsenal?

If it did, it means we start playing with the big boys, not cow-towing to those who have had more recent success than us.

We are, after all, the Arsenal.