What DID we learn from the World Cup?

By Avenell Dave

As I said yesterday, I'm delighted the World Cup is over.

Did I lose sleep when England went out? No I didn't. When Arsenal lose in the Carling Cup, I might as well walk straight from Emirates to work for all the sleep I'll get that night. That's the difference.

But did we see anything we didn't know?

* Spain are sh*t-stirring trouble makers who will stop at nothing to unsettle or tap up players who are under contract to other clubs. Cesc Fabregas may want to move back to Barcelona, but for the new president to say that it's unfortunate the possible transfer became public is about as laughable as BP saying they'd only got a small problem in the Gulf of Mexico. It simply isn't true. Xavi in particular winds me up and I have lost all respect for their 'more than a club...more than a country' mentality.

* Carlos Vela isn't very good.

* The best young players coming through are not from England, Spain or Italy - they're from Germany. Wish we'd signed two or three before the tournament doubled their price.

* There aren't many good goalkeepers out there. Portugal's Eduardo and Germany's Neuer are the only two who continually impressed. Robert Green or Mark Schwarzer? No. Thank. You.

* Even his own team mates hate R*naldo, given the criticism he got for failing to take them to the latter stages of the competition.

* Motivation will take you so far but however talented a squad you have, you still need to know how to react when a team is dominating you - just as Diego Maradona found out.

* Sexy football means nothing without a strong defence. Holland and Spain, though contrasting in styles, both defended as a team and made it difficult for opponents to create chances. You have to do that before you attack.

* If you're going to sign an African player to your team of pundits, make sure he has something to offer. Adebayor's contribution only left the nation scratching its head about what he'd actually said.

* Howard Webb is apparently the best referee in the world.

*Any praise given to a player by Arsene Wenger in his French punditry automatically generates a story linking Arsenal to buying that player.

*Any game involving an Arsenal player - Robin van Persie in particular - involves watching certain moments through your hands for fear of a long term injury.

* And finally. Allowing the vuvuzellas into a football stadium kills the atmosphere. How much singing did you hear from the fans throughout the World Cup?! None. That's how much. Thankfully Arsene Wenger has stated that he thinks they should be banned, so hopefully we won't be hearing the monotone drone at Arsenal next season.

Can you think of anything else we've learned from South Africa? Then share it here using our comments button below...