What should be Wenger's priority in South Africa?

By Avenell Dave

Arsene Wenger has long said that World Cups are not a good place to sign new players.

In some respects, you can understand his logic.

A whole load of new faces who haven't previously registered too highly on scouting updates suddenly get their chance on the biggest stage and often show themselves to be worthy of further examination.

There are numerous examples of players who haven't been famous before the World Cup and have a good tournament, getting a big move which ends in disappointment.

Wenger bought Tomas Rosicky before the World Cup in 2006 and signed Gilberto Silva on the back of his displays in South Korea and Japan in 2002.

He's out in South Africa as a pundit and is doing some charity work as well, which is admirable and to be applauded.

I've heard plenty of rumours that Robert Green is on his radar and after Saturday's display, I think he may be more impressed that despondent.

Green let in a clanger, of that there is no doubt.

But the way he handled himself both with the media and in the rest of the game shwoed a depth of character that many don't possess.

That said, I don't think Wenger will sign him nor do I think he's actually good enough to be our number one.

Will Wenger take the chance to look at Mark Schwarzer again? I suspect so.

The Aussie goalkeeper is 37, will cost at least £3m and would be such a one-season stop gap (Wenger fears keepers lose their reaction speeds the nearer they get to 40) and makes no sense on so many levels.

He's been on the end of some thrashings from Arsenal and I can't recall him being praised for single-handedly preserving either Fulham or Middlesbrough's clean sheet.

But where being in South Africa will be beneficial for Wenger is in seeing players who he has already been looking at or who he is in the process of signing already.

And with the Barcelona elections having taken place, it's going to be interesting to see if Wenger has any time with his captain before making the biggest decision that faces him this summer.

When a player is such a talisman and the CLUB CAPTAIN, having his future so uncertain while those *&^#?%*"$ in Spain keep trying to unsettle him.

Opinion is divided on how well Yoann Gourcuff played on Friday - but I think we can rest assured that Abou Diaby had his one good game in ten and will slip back into game-dominating oblivion.

When the tournament is over, most non-internationals will be returning for pre-season training and Wenger won't have a huge amount of time to sign the players he needs to make us more competitive.

So whatever Le Boss says, it's going to be a busy month and I've got to hope native South African Ivan Gazidis joins him out there to complete a few new signings before the new season gets underway.