Why ALL Gooners should cheer Citeh tonight

By Avenell Dave

With the season almost over, I've got to that point where football becomes an entertainment again, rather than a matter of life and death.

The hopes and expectations I and all Addicts ahd at the start of the season were smashed again and while we cannot predict the volume or severity of the injuries we suffered, too many other things were allowed to happen that the world and his wife could see were avoidable.

I couldn't care less who wins the title - either the Ch*vs with their lack of history and class lauding it as the kings of London or M*nure becoming the leading title winning side in the country. All very depressing.

With a little more foresight and nurturing of older players, a little more flexibility and resilience, it could have been us.

Arsene Wenger built an empire, but like all Empires, he didn't know how to protect it from the ravages from the north or wealth from the east.

Tonight's game beween T*tt*nh*m and Citeh does have some significance for us though, on so many levels.

We've gone from talking about St Totteringham's Day a few weeks ago to contemplating falling behind our rivals from the Seven Sisters Road and that shows how far we have fallen in recent weeks.

It also gives some context to what we have done. Everyone talks about T*tt*nh*m's great season and yet they will still finish no more than a point above us, if that.

They're on an upward curve at the moment and who knows how long that will last?

Citeh, on the other hand, will spend millions on players this summer regardless of whether they finish in the top four or not.

Who else would spend £18m on Roque Santa Cruz and hardly play him? Or pay £31m for Robinho and then loan him to Santos 18 months later?

If T*tt*nh*m finish in the top four, their spending may well far exceed the large amounts they have already spent on players and make them more attractive to decent foreigners.

Citeh just have to add £50k to anything anyone else offers in weekly wages and prove that money talks.

I know full well taht no self respecting Addict would ever cheer for T*TT*nh*m unless they were facing one of our direct rivals, but tonight more than ever, we need to urge Citeh on to victory.

It makes no difference to them.

It could make the world of difference to our neighbours and would elevate them in a way that's just not worth thinking about.

It's sad that our season has come to this - even though I'm convinced we'll at least get a point against Fulham that will secure third for us, and in Wenger's eyes, progress.

Roll on the summer and a raft of new faces, I say.

Now where is that season ticket renewal form?