Diaby debacle underlines Gallic farce

By Avenell Dave

Plenty of Addicts lately have questioned Arsene Wenger's ability to spot a player anymore.

Finding unpolished gems such as Nic Anelka, Patrick Vieira and Gael Clichy has been replaced by signing players who look as if theyb will never really be up to it such as Manuel Almunia, Denilson and Abou Diaby.

I spoke to some fellow Addicts on Sunday about the fact that Samir Nasri was likely to be left out of the World Cup squad and was laughed out of town.

Fast forward a few days and that has become a reality, made all the more shocking by Diaby's inclusion in the initial squad.

Both players can be superb. Both players can be terrible, but what marks Nasri out is his ability to see a pass or use his brain in a way Diaby so often fails to do.

Nasri has football intelligence and while I accept the notion that he disappears in some games, I get the impression he at least tries to make a difference.

Diaby's body language may just be that - his body language, but it always hints that he is thinking about something other than the game he is supposed to be playing in.

There are rumours that Nasri was a disruptive influence when he was part of the French squad at Euro 2008 and certainly he suffered the ire of William Gallas.

But to me he looks a far more accomplished footballer and it is to Arsenal's benefit that he is going to have the summer off, even if it raises questions in his mind about the wisdom of remaining in North London.

In many respects, we can't lose with Diaby.

Either he has a great World Cup and comes back a better player, or he doesn't and we are stuck with the player we had in the first place - capable of mesmerising runs and trickery and blatant absenteeism all in the same game.

With Gallas all but gone, I hope Clichy doesn't feature too much for France.

I don't want to see our players involved in the World Cup - it makes them tired after an already gruelling season, prone to injury (RvP to get another knack, anyone?) or prone to vultures.

I hear that Cesc is certain to stay one more year but you never can tell and the more he remains out of the limelight, the better as far as I am concerned.

Two other points from recent developments.

Well done to the Academy team for winning the title again - let's hope one or two of them push on and show themselves to be instant hits in the first team.

And good luck tonight to Fulham.

We've never had any real controversy with them and unlike most English clubs, I have no ill feeling towards them - hope they lift the trophy in Hamburg.

Keep it real, Addicts.