Has the BBC got no shame?

By Avenell Dave

Just a quick post - the World Cup is almost upon us and there's less than 50 days until the first game kicks off in South Africa.

After the turgid qualifying and friendlies, there's always entertainment at the tournament and it keeps us busy until the season starts in July.

We'll be cheering our boys on no doubt and praying taht no one gets injured or too exhausted during the tournament (RvP anyone?).

It always makes me laugh when Sky tries to gloss over the tournament because they have no rights and whatever ITV does, the BBC always seems to make their coverage better.

But I'm fuming right now after reading that Ad*b@y-Whore will be one of the BBC's pundits in South Africa.

Yep, the player who runs the length of the pitch after scoring against the team where he made his name; who got dropped by Togo once after a row over bonus payments; the guy who falls out with his international coaches and then announces his retirement from international football...

He sounds like Jah-Jah Binks and the fact that he is African shouldn't be the only reason to use him as a pundit just because the competition is in South Africa.

I hope the BBC come to their senses - or it's ITV for me!