Time to throw the Arsenal season ticket away?

By Avenell Dave

Fair play to Wigan.

They bossed the second half against us, even after going two goals down and getting something from the game was the least they deserved.

And that is a shocking state of affairs.

I kept thinking as the game went on that Arsenal aren't going to let a two goal lead slip whilst never really convincing myself.

Then when the first Wigan goal went in, the whole state of the game changed.

That was the time to bring on Robin van Persie, (if not before) to peg the home side back and give them something to think about rather than stay on the back foot.

Only Arsene Wenger knows what he was doing but even Arsenal TV questioned the wisdom of such tactics.

Wenger started to get angry and the team, particularly without an assured goalkeeper behind them, lacked the steel, the experience or the brutality to kill the game off or at least see it out.

Arsenal TV even asked viewers how long it had been since Flapianski had kept a clean sheet - hardly much of an official endorsement.

It's so easy to be infuriated.

It's so easy to be so so angry after throwing away our faint hopes of the title and other callers on Arsenal TV called for Wenger to go.

Every season I pay more than I can afford to in order to watch the team, listen to the awful Elvis song and watch football that often delights but has recently failed to deliver.

There are a dozen players that don't seem to care, that fail to live up to their reputations, that fail to seem to want to prove how good they are for every minute of every game when they wear the Arsenal shirt.

So what am I to do?

Throw my ticket away, give up on the team and scream about the schoolboy errors that consistently undo us, the uncommitted performances and lack of savvy supposed top class players?

I don't think so.

I'll leave that to the plastics, the armchair fans and the glory hunters who base their expectations and beliefs on the early Wenger years and Championship Manager.

Is it Wenger spin to say that we are in a good position?

Is it spin to think that with the debts being paid off, the youngsters mostly improving (Ramsey, Gibbs, Eastmond) we are not in bad shape?

We all know the weaknesses - the lack of steel at the back, the lack of a killer instinct and experience and a couple of players who Wenger regularly plays who simply aren't up to it.

I'm sure Wenger knows it as well.

We associate high season ticket prices with the right to win trophies but football doesn't work that way.

If spending money was all it took, Ch*vski and Citeh would have won the trophies this season and Real Madrid wouldn't have been knocked out of the Champions League so early.

Just look at Liverpool. They've got one of the best strikers in the world in Fernando Torres, a smattering of decent players and yet since winning the FA Cup and the Champions League, they've arguably gone backwards.

Maybe we have too since 2005 or at least since losing the Champions League final.

The impact of Paul Scholes on Saturday shows the wisdom of keeping experienced players at the club - I've said it before but selling Gilberto and Robert Pires has had a big impact on us.

Young players are learning from each other, not from wise older heads. How can we expect them to completely understand the Arsenal way?

But year after year we've competed until the last month of the season for something, even if we've failed to go that final step to lifting a trophy.

I'll be there next season, and the season after and the season after that.

We have to believe that Wenger will learn stark lessons from yesterday's capitulation.

We are Arsenal. Forever.