Reasons for Gooners to be cheerful

By Avenell Dave

Well if the end of last week was depressing for us Addicts, the weekend was almost as good as it gets when we're not playing.

Was there a Gooner in the land not cheering for Pompey yesterday, not celebrating as the muppets from down the road toiled for 120 minutes and lost the FA Cup semi-final against a hotch potch group who had found out the day before that they'd been relegated?

How it will affect them at Sh*te H*rt L*ne is anyone's guess but a wounded animal is not to be taken lightly.

Losing Wilson Palacios after his tenth booking is no bad thing though and as long as their Cup hangover lasts until Thursday and then they win against the other title contenders before falling away again, it's all good, isn't it?

That said, there was additional qualification of our struggle against Barcelona last week when Real Madrid, all £200m of them, limped to defeat against the Catalans and thus gave up their chance of the title, it seems.

With so many of our first-teamers missing, even going ahead in the tie was some accomplishment - and it's fair to say that, as Arsene Wenger put it, we lost to a side much better than us.

This may be their era but as with all teams who are seemingly invincible, their demise will come, players will leave or retire and others will take their place.

The key for Arsenal is to keep building on the progress we have made this season and give ourselves the best possible chance of silverware.

We can all talk and speculate about who is dispensable and where we need to strengthen - a couple of reliable forwards and a new keeper and rangy centre back seem to dominant the chatter - but it's reassuring to recall that despite all the injuries, we have coped admirably to stay in contention for the title.

Liverpool have shown again how much they rely on Fernando Torres with a turgid draw yesterday and whil I wouldn't go so far as to say M*nure are a one man team, losing Tevez and R*naldo in the summer has affected their firepower and without Shrek R**ney yesterday, they too lacked a cutting edge.

The Ch*vs may have won comfortably in the end at the weekend but we've got to see it as another distraction for them and hope they take their eye off the Premier League.

While all about us have had a busy weekend, hopefully the Arsenal changing room has been in overdrive fixing Alex Song and Andrey Arshavin and putting RvP through his paces.

This could be a glorious week, Addicts.

Arsenal Forever.