While all around were losing their heads, well done Stoke's number six

By Graham McNorthbank

Just a short footnote to all that's being written about that challenge which hospitalised Aaron Ramsey.

Whatever the intention of Ryan Shawcross, he will miss the next three games for Stoke because of his straight red for violent conduct. Ramsey on the other hand is likely to miss the next 30 games and faces several months of painful rehabilitation as he tries to build up the muscle in his leg again.

But I don't want to point fingers with this post. Rather I'd like to commend Stoke's number six, Glenn Whelan, who was first to reach Ramsey after his team mate had scythed him down.

The Irish midfielder may only have just turned 26, but he showed remarkable maturity in staying with Ramsey and talking to him while he was receiving initial treatment. Indeed, while other players on the park could barely look at the youngster, Whelan should be commended for helping to keep the teenager calm, when it would be so easy for someone who suffered such a trauma to go into shock.

Understandably Ramsey's Arsenal team mates were distraught and would have been unable to deal with the stricken Welshman in such a calm manner.

So while various bloggers are calling for the head of Ryan Shawcross, it would remiss not to commend Whelan for his actions. I would hope that Arsenal Football Club would do the same given the compassion that the Stoke midfielder - himself no angel with 46 yellow and two red cards in his career - showed his fellow professional.