"We're not protected enough" - Cesc

By Avenell Dave

I couldn't have put it better myself.

They don't like it up 'em seems to be the mantra for limited teams to try to beat us and a lot of the time, sadly, it works.

"We're not protected enough- it's hard to accept," said a visibly riled Cesc Fabregas after Aaron Ramsey had suffered an Eduardo-esque injury and you have to agree with him.

Arsene Wenger went further, complaining about the lack of protection we get and how this cannot be seen as a coincidence after happening for the third time in five years.

We had a clear clear penalty turned down at 1-1 and the feeling seems to be that for all our skill, we can't cope with the rough and tumble of English football and so may go to ground more easily than others. In that respect, Manu Eboue doesn't help our cause.

Idiotic Richard Keys on Sky blamed the speed of our passing, surely the reason why we play better football than most in the first place.

The looks on the players' faces after the tackle, their reaction with a huddle at the end and the feeling of most Gooners tonight says it all.

We've lost another young player just as he was getting into his rythmn and yet again we will be without someone for nine months or longer. And the player gets a three or four match ban.

If Abou Diaby and Eduardo's body trauma is anything to go by, who knows how long it will take the Welshman to recover, if at all?

But the fact remains, if football is to maintain its quality, referees must learn to respect the rules and protect the players.

It's all very well, especially when we go up north, saying we're in for a game - and as Cesc said, battling fair and square is not the issue here.

Can we blame the likes of Ryan Shawcross, Martin Taylor or Dan Smith for the injuries that have now disabled our players for long periods?

The Premier League MUST take action to protect players - if it was Wayne Rooney being hacked down by Ricardo Carvalho, we'd never hear the end of it.

Sadly for Arsenal, none of those whose limbs have been shatted are English, so it becomes less important to the decision makers and media.

Let's hope there is some sort of campaign to sort this barbarity out. It stinks.

Hopefully the message has got through to Ramsey that the boys won it - and they won it for him.

All right thinking football fans are thinking of you tonight, Aaron.

Good luck and get well.