Has the lasagne curse hit the Tottenham bottlers again?

Anyone seen the story today about our friendly neighbours being hit with a virus? (see here)

You’ve got to feel for the poor lads – favourites for the fourth Champions League place just as they were in 2006 and as the race enters the final strait, that old chestnut of illness hits the team.

The fact that they’re playing Everton, who have taken six points from the Chavs and M*nure in recent weeks (not to mention drawing with us when it could have been so much worse) has perhaps had them sh*tting their pants again.

The thing is, however frustrated we get at Arsenal with a lack of team investment, imagine how much worse it would be to have to watch games at Sh*te H*rt L*ne?

A crap ground, ten times the amount spent on players as we do and all they have is a Carling Cup and no Champions League appearances for their troubles.

Just remember when the going gets tough, being a T*ttenham fan and watching your neighbours ‘struggle’ and still be way better than you must be the hardest thing in the world.

Anyone got any Andrex?