Win all their remaining games and the title is Arsenal's

By Avenell Dave

After Sunday’s dismal result against the Ch*vs, I couldn’t help thinking about Arsene Wenger’s legacy, how it all began and the row Ian Wright had with fans from the dressing room window when we lost at home to Blackburn.

Of course, that side was probably a lot more accomplished, with a solid back four and players all over the pitch that were already world class.

But they were written off in January, when M*nure were 11 points or so clear and bookies started paying out early on RedN*se’s team.

Arsenal were turgid last night, and as Wenger said, the effects of losing two big big games, the sort of games that take a lot out of teams, had clearly had an impact.

It’s rare to see Cesc Fabregas play so badly – and you’d like to think that was down to fatigue and being emotionally drained rather than having one eye on his hometown club. They behave like minnows, though, tapping him up, so he should have a word with his mates Alex Hleb and Mathieu Flamini to remind himself that the grass isn’t always greener on the other side (especially when Xavi and Iniesta will block his path).

Tomas Rosicky redeemed himself with the cross for Abou Diaby’s goal, but the way he scuffed an earlier effort says much for how he needs to play himself into form.

But after a forgettable first half, my fellow Addict commented after the break that Diaby looked a different player.

I don’t know if Wenger said anything to him, but he came out energized, determined and full of running and creativity. But it was his willingness to track back that also caught the eye.

This was the Diaby we need to see every week, not the half comatose disappointment that has failed to live up to expectations that can’t be fully blamed on psychological damage after being hacked at Sunderland in his debut season.

It was fitting that he scored the goal and set the benchmark that he has to maintain. He’s got a decent scoring record this season and we all know what he is capable of. Now is the time to maintain that level of excellence.

Much has been written today about Theo Walcott’s crazy late sloppiness. Theo, lad, watch a video of Thierry Henry in the FA Cup final against Southampton. He went to the corner flag and won us throw-ins when the game was nearing the end. You don’t always have to cross.

But it must be hard for Wenger.

When things go wrong, the fans are out for him, the press is out for him and some of his comments and attitude to domestic cup competitions don’t exactly help his cause.

But credit Le Boss – he keeps going and keeps sticking by his ideals even when logic leaves him, to quote his own saying, ‘swimming against the stream’.

I spoke to a neutral in the office today who said there’s a groundswell of neutral fans who want Arsenal to win the title, however unlikely that is.

The truth is that we have to win all our games to really have a chance of sneaking the title.

But the toughest games we have are Stoke, Birmingham and T*ttenh*m away and the Northern Citeh Chavs at home.

Our rivals, it’s fair to say, have trickier challenges even if they also have stronger squads.

Who knows how bad the injury is to Andrey Arshavin? He’s not been great lately but we need him because he can win matches on his own.

But, while it’s ambitious, if we can get RvP fit before the end of the season and if Eduardo can start scoring, and if we can keep fighting and learn not to push forward hell to leather when we’re ahead, we can win this title.

Oh yes we can!