Five minutes with the Arsenal Board

By Avenell Dave

I’ve had the opportunity to meet members of the Arsenal Board in the past.

I’ve chatted to current CEO Ivan Gazidis, met former head honchos Keith Edelman and David Dein and said hello to Peter Hill-Wood.

The sad and predictable cycle of the last few seasons has tested us all, reminded us that sustained success is a massive challenge, and created a huge groundswell of opinion that wants the Board sacked or Arsene Wenger replaced.

The fact is, we’re very lucky to have a shiny new stadium, a team who have a number of outstanding players and a youth system that is going o bear us a lot of fruit over the next five years (Gibbs, Wilshere, Afobe, Freeman, Bartley all have the chance to push for first team spots in the next few years).

But while the frustration continues to grow, I wonder what the Board would say if we asked them some serious questions.

So I’ve jotted down what I’d ask them if I was given the chance to spend a few minutes with them.

Let me know what you think.

·         The new stadium was hailed as the answer to making us uber-competitive with the biggest clubs in the world, but we seem to have gone backwards on the field. Why is that?

·         Our net spending has gone down since we left Highbury and we seem to be looking at bargain basement signings rather than replacing sold talent and being as competitive in the transfer market. Of course the likes of Ch*vski and Man City can always out bid us, but there are plenty of players we could be signing. Why isn’t this happening?

·         Arsenal is a byword for stability and we all know that changing the manager is rarely a guarantee of improved competitiveness. Arsene Wenger has been an amazing manager for us but he seems untouchable and while we maintain a top four position each season, is there any pressure on him to win trophies at all?

·         How do you expect season tickets sales to perform this season and will there ever come a point where tickets prices are reduced to reflect a reduction in investment?

·         Can you confirm that paying off the stadium is a priority, will remain the main financial focus and only when it is paid off will the club look to start spending on the team again?

·         At what point will the club consider accepting funds from its major overseas shareholders in order to remain competitive, placate the fans and inspire the team?