Did we learn ANYTHING about Arsenal last night?

By Avenell Dave

Another big game, another defeat.

But as so many Addicts have said on the blogs and on Twitter, was it such a surprise?

The joke is, we are lauded for our fancy football when, a few Samir Nasri moments apart, we've not played anywhere near our best all season.

It's all very well controlling the tempo of a game for five minutes here or there, but that isn't enough to win you matches.

I've said it before and I'll say it again - a good team becomes a great team by not conceding goals and yet again last night we were shown to be suspect in midfield and defence.

Where M*nure gave us hardly anything of note that we could seriously call a chance, Shr*k R**ney and Nani were able to carve us open at will.

Why Johann Djourou didn't start to give us some assertiveness, I don't know and can only hope that Arsene Wenger left him out due to question marks over his fitness.

Bacary Sagna panicked every time he got into a position to clear the ball, lofting it over his head and more often than not, putting us back under pressure again.

Laurent Koscielny did ok by his standards and Sebastien Squillaci was moderately ok without being particularly inspiring. Am I alone in thinking that a player of his age and experience should be more of a leader at the back?

Where do we start we Gael Clichy? If he's not backing off opponents and willing them to get in the very crosses that he is there to prevent, he is losing possession or putting in crosses that I could do better at getting to a man in the same colour shirt.

I can only pray that Kieran Gibbs quickly recovers from the niggles and injuries that have affected him and gets the experience and strength to become our permanent number one. Clichy is just not good enough.

Just to make that clear: Clichy is just not good enough.

Thank heavens at least Wojciech Szczesny came in and apart from some shaky early kicking, showed why he should now be our number one and stay there.

In midfield, Alex Song's inability to shield the defence, his woeful passing rate and propensity to foul in dangerous areas, let alone get caught the wrong side of an attacking player are a real concern.

Wenger should force him to watch game after game after game after game of Claude Makelele in action just to learn exactly what his role in the team is supposed to be. Some hope.

Lots has been said about Jack Wilshere, and it's true that he did not shine.

But we have to remember how old he is and that he is probably having to cover because of the inefficiencies of Song.

Why Wenger decided to play Samir Nasri on the right is beyond me.

With Cesc Fabregas not yet fit (and didn't he and RvP look it when they came on??), Nasri has to be allowed to play in the centre to help dictate and carve openings.

He has to be better than Tomas Rosicky who I have continued to say brings absolutely nothing to the table. One assist against Villa a few weeks ago is the sum of the Czech's influence in the past year and it's simply not good enough.

Stick him on the wing or better still, play Manu Eboue there to give us some drive.

Maroune Chamakh fought like hell to try and make life difficult for the M*nure defenders but how frustrated did he look when he saw that no one else was backing him up to help put them under pressure?

Which brings us to Andrey Arshavin. @JamieDalton82 said on Twitter last week that the Russian may be sold if we buy Eden Hazard who is doing great things and a far more impactful player.

Would any of us weep too much? His stats may be ok but he had a real chance to make an impact last night and didn't take it - and the only shred of sympathy I have for Clichy is that he got no support from Arshavin.

Was it the pitch that did us?

No, it was another listless, heartless performance against a side we could have beaten or at least drawn with.

And they didn't even use their two in-form strikers.

We're still in this title race, but only just and unless we find the consistency and the conviction to start proving we can win against big teams, not just small ones, we are in for another season of disappointment.

Until we start taking points off the big boys, I fear we will continue to wilt where winners and leaders once stood.

Can we develop a winning mentality, the determination to battle and fight fairly or is it something simply not inherent in this team?

Answers on a postcard please.