Jegbie's Journal: Arsenal under Wenger RIP?

I actually hope we go out the Champions League because it might force the club into doing something. 

Last night’s trip to Portugal saw the Arsenal put in a f*cking useless performance. Tip tap in midfield and no f*cking end product. And we can’t defend for shit.

Nobody can defend such a display. After the weekend’s shocker against Tottenham we should have bounced back with a solid winning performance.

But we got sweet f*ck all apart from empty words. Best Arsenal squad my arse. Wenger has lost it.

I am so f*cking angry but it's an all too familiar feeling. Waste of energy. And the most frustrating thing is that it won't make one f*cking bit of a difference what I or any Gooner says. Every c*nt and their dog know what's wrong with this team apart from the guy being paid millions of pounds a year to manage them.

Both the team AND the manager should be ashamed of themselves.

The club needs a kick up the arse. It has totally lost touch with the fans. F*ck all the Arsenalisation bollocks. Deliver on the pitch or f*cking change things.

Possession counts for nothing if you don’t score and we fart about doing pretty patterns with nothing at the end of it.

The results from this month have been shocking and the squad needs to grow some balls. And so does the board.

But f*ck it, cos they ain’t gonna do anything. I am tired of being made to feel this way by these heartless pussy like performances.

We have one world class player. We used to have a team of them.

Should Arsenal under Wenger be RIP??