Just a small club in Stratford - why Tottenham deserve no plaudits

By Avenell Dave

Hands up how many of you have EVER been on a T*tt*nh*m site or blog?

Really? None of you? Too busy focusing on your own team, with all its deficiencies and frustrations and moments of magic and expectation to worry about writing on the blog belonging to another club?

Tottenham fans reading this, you are a bunch of sad f*ckers, you really are.

After 17 years you finally beat us at our place and decide to crow about it as if it’s your tenth Champions League title.

There’s a reason why your dump of a ground is so hard to get to – because no one in their right mind would ever go there voluntarily.

The fact that you’re insulting the Olympic legacy by bidding for the London 2012 stadium as a fall-back to make your local council (who clearly doesn’t want to help you either – and who can blame them?) become more amenable to your plans to expand Shite H*rt L*ne says it all. Even your own MP is outraged.

The fact that you have to advertise tickets for Champions League games because you can’t sell them is just another reason why a victory over Arsenal is so momentous – because it is so rare and unlikely.

Harry RedKrapp can say all he likes about winning the title – but do you really think he’ll think twice if the England job comes up? Once he gets over the loss of wheeling and dealing, he’ll be right in the FA’s face talking up his brilliance.

Fair play to your team – they didn’t play badly in the second half and won fairly and square.

Arsenal fans are in shock but only because to lose to T*tt*nh*m is such a rarity.

Yes we’re angry, yes we have issues to address on the field, but we’re loyal fans who focus on our own club. 

People who are obsessed with their neighbours in any aspect of life tend to be more than a little insecure.

T*tt*nh*m seem only to crawl out from under stones every 20 years and claim how great your team is when all evidence suggests otherwise.

Just remember, at our worst, we’re still ELEVEN titles and a host of other cups better than you and no doubt you’ll have another lapse this week after getting nosebleeds in the Champions League.

I look forward to seeing the DVD – no doubt your small-minded club had them on sale on the Seven Sisters Road this morning.

Arsenal – form is temporary, class is permanent.