Bendtner out, Ashley Young in - is Big Nick’s departure inevitable?

By Avenell Dave

I wonder what Mathieu Flamini would say to Nick Bendtner if he had a chance to advice the young Dane on his future.

The Twitter world is awash with speculation today that Nick is on his way to Bayern Munich in January or July and that his omission on Sunday was a show of strength by a manager who does not take kindly to being given ultimatums.

Bendtner has always been precocious and confident in his talent – an arrogance that didn’t sit kindly with the Birmingham fans during his loan there a few years ago.

Being a striker is all about keeping going and not getting downhearted if you miss a good chance – and in that respect, Bendtner has the psychological awareness to be world class.

But when you read what he says about himself, you get the feeling that he sees himself in an entirely different way to the rest of us.

Yes, he is a good player and he scores some decent goals and given a run, perhaps he could score regularly.

But he also has a tendency to think as an individual rather than a team player and I’ve heard many tales of him getting his team-mates’ backs up with cocky proclamations.

That’s fine as long as it results in a rolling of the eyes rather than full blown resentment.

We’ve seen a couple of quality goals from Bendtner already this season, but after a long lay-off, he needs to be fully fit before he can push Maraoune Chamakh for a role in the team – and biding his time is the key for any player.

After all, RvP is unlikely to last the season given his injury history and Chamakh will have to have a break at some point and Nick may well force himself in on merit.

Being engaged to a Baroness can hardly provoke modesty in our Danish striker and with rumours flying about of a move to Germany’s biggest team, I can understand why he may be tempted.

Yesterday was awash with speculation that Ashley Young may join us, perhaps to fill Bendtner’s gap, with plenty questioning why we would buy the Villa winger.

If there is a grain of truth to it, perhaps it is due to the lack of goals and assists that Tomas Rosicky is getting and the view that Theo Walcott may be moved centrally to give Arsene Wenger some pace in attack which has been missing since Thierry Henry left the club.

Personally, I don’t expect Bendtner will leave in January as some think is going to happen, and while Young is stalling on a new contract which may cut his price, there are other players who Wenger may prefer.

At least Young is Premier League-ready though.

I guess what we all expect is for every Arsenal player to show complete allegiance to the club until we say they should leave, but life isn’t like that unfortunately.

But you only have to look at the fate of Flamini or Alex Hleb to see what happens when players rush to leave Arsenal and realise the grass certainly isn’t always greener.