You've got to take on the FA now, Arsene!

By Avenell Dave

Remember what happened in the summer of 2009?

Theo Walcott was called up to play for the England under-21s by Stuart Pearce, who continues to prove what an inept manager he is despite the quality at his disposal.

Theo, who had been suffering with shoulder problems, then went on to play with the senior England team and flitted in and out of fitness for the entire season, just as Arsene Wenger had warned might be the case.

Theo missed out on a World Cup berth and England were the worse for it, given his early season form this year.

I see a lot of Arsenal fans on Twitter and even those I speak to at pubs before games or at the stadium talking about playing for England as if it is the holy grail.

Will Ryan Giggs look back on his career and regret never making it to a World Cup finals or will he look at his otherwise bulging trophy haul and think he's done alright?

The fact is, international football sucks.

The pressure on young players is huge, they get built up and knocked down, followed by scumbags the likes of which either support Ch*vski or else mostly lower league teams.

How many 'Mansfield Army' or 'Nottingham England supporters club' banners or the like do you see at England games? Loads.

Why? Because thesedays those clubs have little chance of winning trophies anymore and so England gives them that sense of pride and expectation that club football cannot.

That's why they can cheer the likes of Shr*k R**ney and suchlike who I could never cheer, just because he's wearing an Engerlund top.

Luckily, Arsenal aren't there yet  so we can enjoy watching the team and living in hope of winning trophies.

But as if they ahdn't learnt their lesson, now Jack Wilshere is playing for the England under-21s and then joining up with the full squad.

Now don't get me wrong, I can see why players want international recognition and want to please all of the people all of the time.

But if Pearce can't see that his comments that Jack needs as many games as possible at this stage of his career is complete lunacy, then we have bog problems when it comes to appointing Fabio Capello's replacement.

So if the FA won't listen or step in and Capello thinks it's fine too, the only person who can prevent Jack burning out or getting injured when he needs to be nurtured is Wenger.

Jack probably wouldn't have played as many games for Arsenal this season had Cesc Fabregas not got injured, but he has proved himself to be a great talent.

But you only have to look at how Michael Owen, Robbie Fowler or even Fernando Torres have struggled when played constantly at a young age to see why protection for Jack is vital.

So give the FA a call, Arsene, and remind them of the lunacy of their selection processes and make sure Jack has a tactical hamstring strain if such a situation arises again.

The last thing we need is another injury to one of our stars.