Arsenal's failure to plan is planning to fail

By Avenell Dave

The most notable announcement yesterday was that Tomas Rosicky is back in the squad, finally, after another setback in his bid to return from injury.

So much has been written about Arsenal’s injury malaise and it is something that provokes concern.

M*nure have a defensive crisis at the moment which is conspicuous by its rarity and yet we have major, long term and recurrently niggly injuries every season.

Along with Rosicky, Theo Walcott spends more time on the treatment table with shoulder and other injuries, RvP gets a knack every season and Eduardo is constantly suffering setbacks.

It’s all very well trying to defend the players – and I have made excuses for Eduardo over the past year since his scheduled return to action.

Serious injuries lead to serious trauma but we’re always stretched to breaking point and that isn’t the position a club of our size should find itself in.

Without wanting to jinx him, it lokoks as if Eduardo is getting back to the player he was two years ago, and that can only be a good thing. You'd like to think Arsene Wenger extended the Crozilian's contract because he knows what an important player he could be for us in future.

Rosicky was supposed to be back last weekend against West Ham, but Wenger said yesterday that he believes the Czech's problems are now over.

I don't doubt that he will nurse Little Mozart back but his injury record doesn't suggest he is as robust as the modern foorballer needs to be.

In that case, I can only hope his new contract is appearance/performance related so that we don't waste too much cash on a player who at his best is world class but appears far too infrequently.

Fifty seven starts and 19 substitute appearances in four years isn't great, is it?

It's important that while Wenger focuses on the high level of talent he has at his disposal, he plans for the unexpected.

We lost the title two years ago because of inexperience but also because we lost a striker in form.

Last year, things went awry as soon as William Gallas got injured at Villareal and we are so threadbare that we cannot cope.

Arsenal also did a round of interviews with Ivan Gazidis yesterday and his opinions continue to intrigue me.

Addict has met the great man on a couple of occasions and he talks a very good game - getting the balance between not upsetting Le Boss and speaking in language the fans want to hear, the importance of trophies.

As he said at an Arsenal Supporters Trust meeting last year, second just isn't good enough for Arsenal.

It's great to hear how self-sustaining we are, how Highbury Square will turn a profit and that we will all live happily ever after when the Oligarchs and Sheikhs get bored of their playthings and move onto something else.

But the fact is that when Gazidis says that we will not spend 'irrational' amounts, it causes me some concern. (see here for his Sky interview)

It's all very well planning for the future all the time but the new players who have made the biggest impact over the last year have been Andrey Arshavin and Thomas Vermaelen.

Not Carlos Vela or Kyle Bartley or Jack Wilshere or even Fran Merida.

Steve Rowley and his team of scouts have to work expceptionally hard thesedays, but we need to accept that money buys quality and we have a great chance this season. Being prudent could be our downfall again.

And before you come back to me about Aaron Ramsey, the fact that we paid £5m for a 17 year old as he was underlines what a talent he has always been destined to be.

So come on Ivan, help Arsene sign a couple of players so that we don't get left cold when injuries and suspensions stretch us again as the season wears on.