POLL: What should Arsenal's cup priority be?

Arsene Wenger’s reported fury that our FA Cup clash against Stoke has been rescheduled for TV reasons has prompted me to write about one of my pet peeves: priorities.

Call me old fashioned, but I thoroughly believe that the FA Cup should be priority number one for every club for a very simple reason – it gives the supporters a great day out at Wembley and unlike the Champions League final, it allows a substantial number of fans to actually get to the game.

Now I’m not saying that the FA Cup is a more important competition than the Champions League, but let’s face it, a tournament that offers less than 20,000 tickets to each club for its final and costs fans hundreds if not thousands of pounds to attend – given its far flung destinations of Rome, Moscow and this year Madrid – isn’t exactly something that all fans can go to.

I was lucky enough to go to Paris for the Champions League final against Barcelona, but the hole that left in my wallet was significant. Yes it was a great atmosphere, but it wasn’t as great as the FA Cup finals I’ve been to.

My real point is that if a club truly wants its supporters to believe that they are the most important element, then surely prioritising the competition that most fans can actually afford to go to – and can actually have a decent chance of getting their hands on a ticket – is a good way of demonstrating that resolve.

But maybe I’m on my own in thinking this way, so here’s a poll to gauge what you lot think should be Arsenal’s priorities in terms of cup competitions. I’m leaving the Premier League aside, as it should obviously be our number one priority each and every season, but click on the ‘read more’ link below to vote for your favoured trophy and if you feel so inclined, rant at me using the comments section.