A striker shouldn't be Wenger's priority

By Avenell Dave

It's so difficult to know what will benefit or upset the balance of the squad at Arsenal.

Players such as Kolo Toure and Manu Adeb*y-whore clearly damaged the cameraderie at the club in their last season and neither has been missed.

How Adeb*y-whore has changed from the raw kid who joined us from Monaco, where he also had attitude problems, and it seems as if he's up to the same old tricks at Citeh now as well.

It's fair to say that even before RvP got injured, we missed someone with a bit of height AND pace to take advantage of some of the openings we create.

That's why players like Adeb*y-whore and Edin Dzeko are worth so much - they are a rarity.

But Arsene Wenger is right - we're still scoring a load of goals and the onus on a striker to get them isn't as pronounced as it might have been.

On top of that, Eduardo is slowly finding his form again and hopefully will regain the scoring prowess we saw before his injury at Birmingham.

Remember, it's also not long before Nick Bendtner is back and he's going to provide a threat as the Champions League gets going as well.

And if CArlos Vela improves as steadily as he did when the game got going against West Ham on Sunday, he too could get involved in the shake-up.

We'd all love Dzeko, of course, but he's going to cost a fortune and he wants to go to AC Milan.

And we're at a disadvantage because everyone knows that we need a striker which will push the price up even higher at a time when we still have to remain financially prudent.

Will Wenger sign a forward? Maybe - and I really hope he does, but I can see him convincing himself that he can do without.

What is probably more important is the signing of a quality defender and midfielder to provide some support.

We all know how important the central defensive partnership of Thomas Vermaelen and William Gallas will be as the season moves on, but can we really expect them to play every game?

Of course we have Johann Djourou in the ranks but he won't realistically be back until next season, meaning we will have to rely on Mikael Silvestre and we all saw how good he was when West Ham scored their first goal.

A defender HAS to be a priority and maybe someone for the long term who has the height and aggression to become a permanent fixture - Gallas isn't getting any younger and he is very expensive, after all.

We've already lost Alex Song and Cesc Fabregas was rushed back against Villa, so with Denilson troubled by back problems and Abou Diaby due an injury based on previous form, we could be in trouble.

Tomorrow will be very telling regarding our ability to cope without Song, but I don't think Craig Eastmond is the answer - at least not yet.

The thing is, it's a delicate balance between buying quality and experience and not holding back the youngsters but in all reality, we have a great chance this season.

Unless we buy someone with a massive ego and an attitude, it shouldn't be a risk.

I fear unless we buy, injuries could be our undoing.