Relax Gooners, we’ve got our rivals right where we want them

By Avenell Dave

A curious night for both resident Addict correspondents yesterday.

I am currently working in Fulham so the way home was confronted by hundreds of Ch*vs (vintage 2002) while Graham Mac ordered a pint in a North London brewery only to have the game switched to the Mank Cup just after he’d ordered a pint.

Both Graham Mac and I had this strange sensation last night that we wanted M*nure to beat the Northern Ch*vs but it was a shame the game couldn’t stretch into extra time – another half an hour of intense derby action may have worked to our advantage.

I’ve already had a plethora of messages reminding me that we’re now doomed just because we’re now effectively five points behind the Ch*vs.

The Ch*vs are a better team than us and their dirty money has allowed them to accrue a squad that hasn’t even missed Didier Divba while United are also getting into their flow and Shrek looks unstoppable.

Dropping two points at Villa and losing the Verminator means it’s the end of our season. All hope is now lost.

Yeah thanks guys, I’ll pass on lining up alongside you in the trenches.

I was wrong yesterday when I said that Villa was the easiest of our four games during this intense period.

Someone said it was actually Liverpool at home and that’s probably true.

M*nure and the Ch*vs have both lost at Villa Park and even though Martin O’Neil’s side have only scored 29 goals this season, let’s be honest, they’ve got players that can hurt anyone.

I actually take heart from a clean sheet. Maybe it’s the old Gooner in me who revels in our miserly defensive past and loves to see a big fat ‘0’ next to our opponents’ name.

We had chances to win it last night but the truth is that we have a couple of players who aren’t at their best and one (Denilson) who is failing to justify his inclusion.

But I woke up this morning realising that we’re exactly where I’d want us to be (apart from being 20 points clear, that is!).

The plastics and the fairweathers and the publicity-hungry pundits will write us off now. How on earth can we compete after losing more players and dropping more points?

Just as at the beginning of the season and after our defeat against the Ch*vs, we’re being written off and praised for playing some nice football.

Perfect. Just how I like it.

You know what, we may not win the title this year. If we do, it will arguably be the biggest achievement of Wenger’s tenure and the fact that we have been so competitive despite setbacks and injury ravaging is a testament to why I love this club so much.

We’re always best when our backs are against the wall, when the weak start to disbelieve.

To quote a certain blue character from a certain best selling movie “This is our time!”

Let’s raise the roof on Sunday and remind everyone of what it means to come to the ARSENAL!