Wenger should walk away now

By Avenell Dave

Yesterday was an exciting day, wasn’t it?

Arsene Wenger announced that three players were back in full training, with Samir Nasri and Bacary Sagna joined by Nick Bendtner, who we have all missed terribly.

Is he the holy grail to take us over the finishing line?

Well he is tall and has skill even if he does miss chances, but he’s young, will get an extended run in the team and has a chance to grow and mature now – both as a player and a person (no more trousers off outside nightclub incidents please).

Tonight is such an important game, the most winnable of the four we have coming up and the chance to give us some real confidence ahead of M*nure.

It’s also a chance to show we can thrive where others failed, with Utd and the Ch*vs both slipping up at Villa Park.

After the disappointment of Sunday’s defeat, rumours of a new defender joining us provided some excitement.

Fans get excited by signings – even though players coming through and showing their worth should be just as exciting.

But when I saw some of the comments last night when it turned out M*nure had announced they had signed Chris Smalling, I was furious.

Yes, new faces would be nice, and we’ve said it here many times.

But to slam the manager because we fail to sign a player is beyond belief.

Let’s get this straight, to those of you oo dumb to understand the working of football.

Once a target has been identified, it’s up to the Chief Executive to negotiate terms, both with the selling club and then with the player and his agent.

To criticise Wenger for ‘failing to buy the player for the sake of a few quid’ smacks of a massive lack of understanding.

Who knows what the player’s personal preferences are, how much he has demanded as a basic wage and a range of other variables?

The influence of Wenger is actually only in a persuasive way, such as when he flew Aaron Ramsey to Switzerland to discuss his vision for the Welshman and sign him from under M*nure’s noses.

This is no case of being slow off the blocks.

It’s probably not even a case of penny pinching either, just timing and assessment.

The fact is, Smalling has only played four senior games (including one as a sub) which doesn’t give a huge amount of scope to judge how good he could be.

We beat everyone to the signing of Theo Walcott, and while I hope he comes good and has shown flashes of brilliance, he’s hardly proven to be the jewel in our crown so far, has he?

Smalling may well prove to be one of United’s best ever signings. Time will tell.

But FFS Addicts, we could go top of the table again tonight if we beat Villa.

Things are great at the moment.

So we may have lost out on a signing.

Let’s be positive.

Plastic fans need not reply.