Play Fantasy Arsene Wenger - how do you protect Cesc?

By Avenell Dave

Owen Coyle may have amde a strange choice by moving from Burnley to Bolton Wanderers.

Peronally, I think with a few years in the top flight, Burnley could be a bigger team - their fans turn up every week, unlike the vast swathes of emptiness that have always been prevalent at the Reebok and they don't have the nasty baggage taht goes with being a former Fat Sam team.

Let's be honest, we rode our luck on Sunday.

A few times, Matt Taylor, despite his thuggery on Cesc Fabregas, got into positions where, with a little composure, he could have scored and it was our fortune rather than players putting him off that made him so profligate.

While I don't think there was much more than handbags about his run in with Cesc, the fact that he and Paul Robinson, amongst others, tried to nobble our captain, says it all.

Coyle doesn't play rough and ready football, for sure, but the sides were pretty even for much of the game and I don't think we would have won without Cesc pulling the strings.

I try to kid myself taht he is replaceable, just like everyone else at the club, but, just as David Seaman, Tony Adams, Paddy Vieira and Titi Henry have all been missed and never truly replaced, so too would Cesc be a great loss.

Getting through what Sky would call Super Month, when we play Ch*vski, M*nure, Liverpool and Villa without Cesc would be unthinkable.

Butif you were Coyle, sending out a player to either track Cesc wherever he goes or even give him a kick whenever possible isn't such an unwise plan.

There were times when we've played M*nure in the past when Darren Fletcher has kicked our young side up in the air and hardly suffered (apart from missing the Champions League final...karma anyone?) and why wouldn't a side contemplate it as a solution?

We're expected to win tonight and yet against a side who are likely to sit back, we're going to need some magic to get us through and possibly put us top of the table.

Denilson has become incredibly important and to a certain extent he ahs to follow Cesc, getting in the way of destroyers who block our captain's path by foul means. His role is vital.

It's a shame Fran Merida is injured, just as he would have hoped to prove himself as more than just an unused substitute, but hopefully it's just a brief interlude out of the team.

Arsene Wenger admitted this week that he doesn't know why the squad is getting so many injuries, but it is a concern. Have boots, will play, seems to be the motto at present and it's a shame that we never seem to have our full quota of players available.

Just think what a world class striker could do in this side...still, I fancy Eduardo to score this evening.



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