Keep on moaning, Gooners!

By Avenell Dave

Ok, I admit it, sometimes I don’t like what’s going on at Arsenal.

I yearn for new faces, I crave star signings to deal with every single possible eventuality even though to do so would no doubt upset the balance of the squad and the dressing room.

I wonder why Arsene Wenger doesn’t like to buy players anymore even though I know it is not simply down to his stubbornness and conviction that Project Youth is the final chapter in his legacy.

I know that, especially with more and more clubs getting multi-billionaire owners who shower the team with transfer funds, there are only two ways of running a football club competitively.

You either use the finds at your disposal, given to you by sugar daddies who want to bask in glory, or you build from the bottom with a talent factory of young prodigies, some of whom will make it and some of whom will be sold on to fund more of the same or pay for stellar signings.

One of my fellow Addicts was fuming yesterday at what he considers to be a PR disaster in re-signing Sol Campbell.

An overweight, slow and sometime disturbed footballer, why would we sign him instead of a 23 year old giant in the Jaap Stam mould?

But that misses the point of Wenger’s Arsenal and seeks to impose on Arsenal a set of Championship Manager values that just don’t fit with our reality.

Campbell may be shown up in the Premier League and we may all wonder why on earth Wenger signed him.

But if he can get match fit, I know I’d rather have him than Mikael Silvestre at the back, especially when dealing with the likes of Kevin Davies or John Carew.

His presence means so many positive things. He brings experience, height, the ability to pass on his talent to the Kyle Bartleys of this world who I believe and hope will become the next regular to emerge from the youth ranks.In fact, Bartley gave this interview on Thursday which underlines what I mean.

Indeed, he will not obstruct the emerging talent, but help them grow. And he will provide some determined cover for William Gallas and Thomas Vermaelen.

Notwithstanding the fact that both of them were injured on Saturday against Everton, the fact is that we need to give them a rest if we are to get the most out of them for the entirety of the season.

Campbell has had to work bloody hard to convince Wenger, who is fastidious about fitness tests and diet, that he is capable and has the hunger to be worth signing on a short term deal.

Will we sign anyone else this month? Only a select few people at the club really know what’s going on, despite the talk of agents who want to raise their profiles to help secure them a commission.

Whatever the criticisms of or Wenger himself, I can’t think of any business where deals would be announced before they had been signed. M*nure made that mistake with Aaron Ramsey and look what happened!

Looking at the financial strife the Glazers have put them in and the troubles at Liverpool despite signing a £20m Italian crock, I know who I’d rather support.

Keep the faith, Addicts.