Forget Wembley - Arsenal's most important match tonight is in Cardiff!

By Avenell Dave

All eyes are on Engerlund tonight with hopes of securing qualification to the World Cup finals in South Africa next summer.

Whether Arsenal had a huge contingent of players in Fabio Capello's squad or not is irrelevant to this Addict.

All I want is my players back in one piece, fit and raring to go and ready to bounce back from the Gold Trafford defeat that still sticks in the throat. Man City ain't going to be no walkover boys!

So while I would love to see Eduardo bag a couple of perfectly executed goals tonight and remind all those idiots at UEFA that he is one of the least likely cheats in football, my concern is about the Millennium Stadium in Cardiff.

There is a chance that Andrey Arshavin will play and, given the strain that ended his game at M*nure early, I'm obviously as concerned as reports suggest Arsene Wenger will be that the Russian dynamo comes back fit and healthy.

We have few match-winners thesedays and a moment of magic from Arshavin could be the difference between getting a result at Middle Eastlands or not.

But it is also important for another reason.

Aaron Ramsey is set to start the game and by all accounts, it is vital that he gets as much game time as possible on the international stage.

While Ramsey cannot yet be expected to deserve a regular slot at Arsenal, potential injuries to Cesc Fabregas and Abou Diaby (which will continue to happen if previous experience is anything to go by) and the need to rest Denilson occasionally, make Ramsey a vital reserve for the Gunners.

Tipped as the new Steven Gerrard when he joined us and already rewarded with a new contract only a year after joining from Cardiff, he's shown signs of being a quality player.

Although he is prone to making mistakes, wayward passes or suchlike, there is an industry and invention about Ramsey taht suggests to me that he could be the real deal.

He has it all - strength, decent pace, trickery and an eye for goal.

Although it was ONLY the under-21s, for those of you who didn't see, check out his goal HERE that won the game against Italy last Friday. It's worth watching until the end just to see the build-up tricks and backheel that lead to the goal.

A few more of them and he could be knocking on Wenger's door and warranting a place in the side on a regular basis.

Just don't get injured tonight, ok, boys?