Sorry, Terry and Wayne, you're talking rubbish!

By Avenell Dave

I've never been a great fan of John Terry.

He's one of those blokes who thinks he's intelligent and that no one sees him for who he is, when actually, the reverse is true.

He's not a bad defender, granted, but I'm glad I don't have to cheer him on every week.

Missing that penalty in Moscow in the Champions League final was sweet to see and couldn't have happened to a nicer bloke.

So when he wades into the debate about diving, speaking as England's captain, it really gets me going.

Let's get this straight: Eduardo went down lightly, but there was contact, he did not appeal and at most no penalty should have been given.

A yellow card would have been harsh, but a two match ban which undermines the decision of the referee is ridiculous and sets a dangerous precent made all the more farcical because UEFA won't be consistent. They've already shown that.

Shrek Rooney also revealed on Thursday that he would never dive in a match.

Both England's captain and centre-forward have suggested that diving is 'that thing wot foreign players do'.

I don't deny that in the late 1980s and early 1990s, diving was more prevalent on the continent than over here.

But you only have to look at Michael Owen in the World Cup in 2002 (see here) to recall taht England players are as bad as anyone else.

Steven Gerrard, England's hero apparently, is another who has been guilty, such as on this occasion, and no one waged a media campaign against him.

But worst of all is Rooney, who is one of the best exponents of diving in England, as you can see here and here .

What sticks in the throat was that defeat at Old Trafford when Rooney went down under a Sol Campbell challenge (see here) and won a penalty that ended our unbeaten run in the Premiership.

There is no shortage of xenophobia in England - and other countries are guilty of it too as I have seen first hand in Italy - but while bltant diving should be stamped out at all costs (Manu Eboue take note), punishing players who play the game in the right spirit makes absolutely no sense.

Sadly, there is no solution.

English players will get away with diving while foreign players will always be castigated for bringing their bad habits to the pure English game.

So I'd love to be a fly on the wall when Didier Drogba next does one of his swallow dives and scores a subsequent penalty.

Somehow, I bet all Terry will offer him is congratulations, which underlines how pathetic his remarks yesterday really are.