Tell us the truth, Arsenal Board!

By Avenell Dave

There is something seriously wrong at Arsenal and I'm not talking about our last two results, lamentable as they have been.

In moments of weakness, I feel betrayed by Arsenal for taking so much of my hard-earned cash and not investing it in the team .

This summer Arséne Wenger recouped £40 million from the sales of Manu Adebayor and Kolo Toure, buying only the excellent Thomas Vermaelen.

So is there something seriously wrong with Arsenal's finances?

We're paying the most expensive season ticket prices in the world and we expect to see a side who can compete, really compete.

I don't EXPECT us to win every trophy, nor even reach every final.

But wasn't the move to the new stadium supposed to make us more competitive, more powerful, more successful?

The fact is, I don't think we're being told what's really going on at the club.

Perhaps the Board thinks that by not revealing how difficult our financial situation really is, it is protecting the club from potential buyers or potential compromise of our transfer opportunities.

Wenger said at the end of last season that we needed to reinforce the defensive side of our team. He could not know that Gael Clichy would have a poor start to the campaign or that Johann Djourou would miss the entire season after an injury on international duty.

But there has to be a balance between relying on what you have, believing in the youngsters coming through and anticipating the injuries and suspensions any team, particularly one who plays with such intensity, will endure during the season.

So why would an intelligent man such as Wenger not make more signings?

Can we believe anything Manu Adebayor says? Possibly, possibly not, but in an interview on Saturday, he said that he was told he had been sold because Arsenal needed the money.

I suspect that, whether the money was too good to turn down, whether Ade was a disruptive influence in the dressing room or whatever, the fact that we did not spend the cash or even some of it tells its own story.

The level of expectation at Arsenal will always be massive. We want to win, to enjoy those moments of glory that make being a Gooner so magical.

But if the Board just came out and told us that there will be a limited expenditure in the next few years until the stadium has been paid off, it wouldn't stop me going.

But it might lessen the pain that expectation brings when we are not being given the whole story.

Wenger complained last season of 'swimming against the stream' based on the frustration of the fans.

A bit more honesty from his employers would make a huge difference and end the rumours and debate about the great Arsenal stadium mystery once and for all.