Same sh*t, different season

By Avenell Dave

I read yesterday some Gooners blaming Arséne Wenger for our start to the season and it would be easy to do that.

Some Gooners say Wenger has too much power.

Some Gooners say Wenger is stubborn, determined to focus on Project Youth at the expense of results.

Some Gooners say he has had his time and needs to move on.

I've heard it all in the past 36 hours.

Ultimately, he has responsibility for the team selection and the manner of our play and if results do not go as we wish them to, it is down to him to sort it out.

There are weaknesses in this team and they need addressing. Now.

Wenger is taking the wrap for the questionable financial state the Club is in which is constraining his abaility to do his job and bringing in players he must know he needs.

But we're stuck with what we've got for at least the next three months and there's little we can do about that.

Watching the match and then reviewing the highlights, a few things are very clear.

Gael Clichy was at fault for three of our goals, losing possession in dangerous areas and failing to recover adequately.

Something is seriously wrong with our left back and it is time to give him a proper rest and give Kieran Gibbs a run in the side. If Gibbs is as good as Wenger says he can be (a future England left back) and on most evidence, he could well be a star, why not give him a chance?

A couple of years ago, some indifferent performances from Jens Lehmann resulted in his demotion.

Manuel Almunia has never been good enough for Arsenal. Could Lukasz Fabianski be the answer? The FA Cup semi-final suggests not, but I feel he has more potential to grow than Almunia will ever have.

Of course, Fabianski is injured presently but maybe he can play against WBA and then play in subsequent Premier League games. I truly believe that he cannot be as average as Almunia in the long term.

Denilson has impressed me in spurts this season, starting to look more accomplished.

But he has an important role when we are without the ball, and he does not seem to be aware of it.

A couple of times on Saturday, when we lost the ball, Denilson jogged back impassively.

Where was the urgency, the determination to protect his defence, to make it difficult for his opponent to threaten our goal? No wonder he was taken off so early.

If Wenger is to take any blame, then surely playing a lanky, physical centre forward as a winger is not one of his tactical masterstrokes.

Nick Bendtner is not a wide player. His job is to hold the ball up, use his physical power and strength to create and take opportunities, not try and use non-existent pace to speed past defenders wise to his weaknesses.

If you must be rigid in your style and not adapt as games dictate, why not at least play Eduardo, who has more pace and a wider range of skills?

By flagging Darren Fletcher's ability to unsettle the team, hasn't Wenger just highlighted our inability to compete with the physical aspect of the game?

Why are the team not being taught to slow the game down? Away from home, we would perhaps have picked City off had we remained patient at 1-1 rather than going hell for leather and being defeated on the break ourselves. Even a point would not have been a disaster.

Same sh*t, different season? It's looking that way, Addicts.