Why has our club forgotten 'The Arsenal Way'

By Avenell Dave

I'll talk about Saturday's debacle tomorrow, when I've had a chance to calm down.

Today, the issue which concerns me most is the way Arsenal is dealing with defeat.

Defeat hurts, it causes anger and pain and frustration and disillusionment.

We can point at this player, that tactic, the other incident, but at the end of the day, it won't change the scoreline.

Reflection when angry is always distorted.

But what Arsenal can always affect is the way in which we deal with defeat externally and in that respect, something is very, very wrong at Arsenal Towers.

A couple of weeks ago, Arsenal deserved to beat M*nure and but for five minutes of madness, we would probably have done so.

I don't expect Arsene Wenger to castigate his players even when there are cases to do so, unless the crime is so extra-ordinary that to turn a public blind eye would be beyond comprehension.

But when he laid into Darren Fletcher for his 'anti-football', I have to say I disagreed.

Yep, Fletcher is a lumbering player lacking elegance, but so too did Paddy Veiria often find himself clattering into opposition players.

I recall Paddy being sent off twice in consecutive games early one season just because of a series of late tackles.

We were a success because players like Vieira got into the faces of opponents and unsettled them. He may have been twice the player Fletcher is, but the fact is, they both take on similar roles.

I HATE to admit it, but when RedNose F*ergie said that he suspected Wenger was feeling the heat, I had to agree.

Fast forward to yesterday and regardless of the frustrating nature of the defeat, the Club has a responsibility to maintain the standards for which it has been known for more than a century.

I despise Manu Adebayor and his goal, while predictable, was capped by a celebration which says everything every about what a sad individual he is.

Did he intend to hurt RvP earlier in the game? Only he knows for sure and certainly it didn't look good on the replays.

But it was madness for the club to allow RvP to put out a statement slating Ade, inciting a situation in the way the SFA did with Eduardo.

As my fellow Addict Graham Mac said last night: "What happpened to Arsenal losing graciously?"

I don't want to ever taste defeat, but when it comes, we have a responsibility to at least maintain our dignity. We are Arsenal.

Whether RvP would have reacted the same way, whether such a statement would have been put out had Arsenal won the match, is open to question, whatever he said about it not being a factor.

The fact is that Arsenal have lost half their matches so far this season, conceding eight goals in the process.

Going on a witch hunt against Adebayor, prat as he is, won't change that.